UFCW Credit Card

The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) union is made up of primarily food professionals within the United States and Canada.
The UFCW has more than 1.3 million members and is one of the largest unions operating today. The UFCW is proud to offer an exclusive credit card offer to its members. With this credit card offer there are four cards to choose from that offer special benefits. All cards have the same base benefits, outlined below. Only UFCW and their families can qualify for these cards. The UFCW credit card program helps you resolve disputes. You can also handle concerns regarding any of the Union Privilege programs through this service.

There are numerous UFCW credit card benefits of which members can take advantage. There is no annual fee with the UFCW credit card and you can transfer your high interest rate balances to the UFCW credit card immediately upon approval. The UFCW card has competitive interest rates on both purchases and balance transfers. Your account can be managed online and you can sign-up to receive email alerts and notices about your account. Best of all, you are eligible for special shopping offers and discounts with your UFCW card.

The UFCW offers two of the best features during this time of reduced security. First is the loss protection offered by the UFCW credit card. The UFCW card absorbs one-hundred percent of unauthorized charges, meaning that if your credit card number is stolen you are not responsible for any charges made during that time. The UFCW credit card also offers one-hundred percent fraud protection so that if your account shows any unusual activity, you will receive a phone call immediately to verify the charges and protect you against credit card fraud. Second, because of the UFCW card recognizes that these are tough economic times, you can miss up to two monthly payments in one year without harming your credit rating.

There are four UFCW credit cards available: the Gold Card, Platinum card, Secured card, and the Union Plus Travel Corporate card. Each card has unique features that may better meet your needs; some of these offers have rewards for travel and other purchases that you can use to get rewarded for the purchases you make everyday. Find out more about the terms of these cards online. Be sure you understand the terms of the credit card offers before applying for the card. Most of the offers require a credit check and people who are in good credit standing should easily qualify for these cards. The UFCW Secured card may be a better option for people with no credit or poor credit. The UFCW Secured card requires a monthly deposit as collateral or an associated bank account.

The UFCW is offering its members and their families several credit cards offers with outstanding benefits. Carefully consider the terms of the offers before applying. Using credit cards irresponsibly can potentially damage your credit rating which may prevent you from qualifying for credit in the future.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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