TIC Federal Credit Union

Eligibility and Overview

Membership of the TIC Federal Credit Union (TICFCU) is open to citizens that work, live, volunteer, attend school or worship in the counties of Lee, Macon and Russell in Alabama, and Marion, Harris, Chattahoochee, and Muscogee counties in Georgia. The TICFCU has six branches, in Georgia and Alabama but are part of the Credit Union Service centers initiative that allows credit union members access to 3,000 branches across 40 states. TIC Federal Credit Union became chartered in 1956 as a union started by the civilians working at Fort Benning. Since then it has expanded to include service personnel from Fort Benning, and it subsequently expanded to include 250 charter companies, and then gained a community charter for the areas of Georgia and Alabama as outlined above. Along the way, it merged with several city credit unions and now has reached over 40, 000 members.

Home Banking

Smart Rate Checking is the TIC Federal Credit Union's dividend checking account, offering 2% APY, free online banking, check writing, Visa debit card and free use of TIC's ATM's with two no charge transactions a month from non TIC ATM's. There is no minimum balance required on this checking account, but users must pay in at least $100 a month. The basic checking account is called Free Rewards Checking, which has no minimum balance required; free withdrawals for TIC ATM's and free online banking and checks. Both accounts allow the user to accrue reward points to collect and buy gifts with, and both accounts have access to a notary and coin counting services. There is also a special account for 18 to 24 year olds, called Next Generation Checking, which offers educational advice and services.

Credit Cards

The Scorecard Rewards program applies to TIC Federal Credit Union's Visa Debit and Credit cards, whereby users collect bonus points for every transaction which they can then redeem for retail-brand merchandise, and travel deals. TIC offers three types of credit card, Classic, Gold and Platinum. The APR on these cards ranges from 12.9%, classic, 9.9% Gold and to 6.9% for Platinum cards. For those clients who may have less than perfect credit, TIC Federal Credit Union offers a share secured Visa with no annual fee and a low APR of 5.9%, the credit limit depends on the amount secured in the share account, which is a minimum requirement of $300. This is a good way to re-establish a credit rating and is a low risk for the Credit Union, but a low-interest rate for the customer. They do not conduct credit card applications online; they have to be completed at a branch.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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