Texas Trust Credit Union

Membership of the Texas Trust Credit Union (TTCU) is open to anyone who lives, works, or worships in Tarrant, Dallas, Henderson and the majority of Ellis and Johnson counties (some geographic limitations apply).


It is also open to any family member of a person who is eligible for membership.

Home Banking Services offered

Texas Trust Credit Union operates a sliding scale membership, with their checking accounts, from "foundation", to "community", to "heritage" to "eagle" member. All accounts are free to set up and then, depending on your membership level you get a range of rate discounts on loans and other services. The basic account requires $5 to deposit in a savings account, and all memberships have a range of free services they call “the works”. Texas Trust Credit Union home banking includes free account maintenance, no service charges and no minimum monthly balance. If you use Texas Trust ATM’s they are free, and you get a free debit card, free online bank statements, with online access 24/7 to pay your bills, set up recurring payments, and transfer funds, all free. They also offer a 24 hour phone access and your first 120 checks are free, plus any deposits made can be in their free postage-paid deposit envelopes.

Credit Cards

It’s their 75th anniversary, and Texas Trust Credit Union is offering a Diamond Mastercard at 8.90% interest; provided you transfer a balance of $2,500 or more during 2011. They also offer a share secured credit card for people with less than good credit. This means, setting up a separate share (savings) account into which you deposit a sum, which acts as security against the credit card usage; you cannot withdraw from this account. You are then issued a credit card with this balance as your limit, which you can use like a normal credit card, and build up a better credit history. The APR on the secured card is 11.9%, and the annual fee is $29. Once you have established a better credit score, TTCU can offer you the Visa or Mastercard Classic which has introductory rates of 0% to 12.9% on purchases, and 5.9% on balance transfers and cash advances, and an ongoing rate between 11.9-17.9%. The Texas Trust Credit Union will run a credit check on you whenever you apply for a credit card or loan.

Special services

Texas Trust Credit Union have preferential rates for public servants; special student accounts and credit cards and an advice zone called My Life for each aspect of a persons’ life including getting into debt. This links to credit.com that has a range of advice and suggestions for managing finances.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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