Southland Credit Union

The Southland Credit Union is located in Los Alamitos and is considered as the 66th largest credit union in the state of California.

The union was established in the year 1936 and by December of 2010, its membership base had swollen to 40,438.

In the beginning, the union was originally established to serve the monetary needs of Los Angeles County employees. Today the Southland Credit Union is considered to be one of the top performing credit unions nationwide, with over $484 million in assets. Every member of the union benefits from a full line of competitive and affordable financial products and services.

It is true that every credit union follows a distinct path far different from any other like financial institution. Southland Credit Union does not just maximize their revenues for the sake of their stockholders, but they exist to empower their member's lives, promote financial security, and help customers achieve their dreams with relative ease.

This credit union is not only capable of offering members much lower interest rates on loans but also a higher bonus on savings deposits. Each and every member of the Southland Credit Union is treated as a part of the family; a family where people holds more value than money. Southland Credit Union treats their members with utmost respect, providing them exceptional service with passion and compassion. The union strives to take an active part in helping members achieve their financial goals and dreams.

Today the union offers much more than what it had offered before. Now, the union has online banking facilities available to members. The Southland Credit Union online banking allows customers and members to view their account information, transfer funds, apply for loans, and make deposits among others. Members can also withdraw funds electronically from accounts at other monetary institutions through the union's e-transfer service. Individuals can also pay bills online through Southland Credit Union's e-pay service. The e-pay service also makes the online checking of accounts and reception of immediate credit from e-deposits possible.

The Southland Credit Union is a financial institution that has a lot to offer. The service experience that you will receive at the union is what sets Southland Credit Union apart from others. This unique service is what the union proudly calls as the Southland Difference. The member-centric approach of the union is one of the main reasons why it is considered to be one of the leading monetary institutions in the country.


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