Sikorsky Financial Credit Union

If you thought that the name Sikorsky Financial Credit Union is quite interesting and that there might be an aircraft connection - you are right.

It started as a credit union in the Sikorsky division of United Aircraft. Today, Sikorsky Financial Credit Union is one of the largest credit unions in Connecticut with over 54,000 members and over $600 million in assets.

Membership and Location

People who live, work, worship, or volunteers in the following areas of Connecticut are eligible for membership with a minimum $5 deposit: Fairfield, New Haven or Hartford County and the towns of New Milford and Bridgewater in Litchfield County. Membership also extends to immediate family and household members.

The main office is located in Stratford, Connecticut with branches in Milford, Shelton, Seymour, Danbury, another branch in Stratford and Bridgeport (both within the Sikorsky Aircraft Main Plant), Oxford, and West Palm Beach in Florida.

Products and Services

The products and services of Sikorsky Financial Credit Union include: savings account, checking account, Daily Money Market, VISA Debit Card, IRAs, US Savings Bonds, auto and other vehicle loans, mortgage and home loans, debt consolidation loans, VISA Credit Cards, Advantage Loans, personal loans, Line One Line of Credit, Share Secured Loan, Certificate Secured Loan, online banking and bill pay, telephone banking, Direct Deposit, and many more. It has an "Advantage Mortgage' Program involving the refinancing of mortgage from another lender for a single home with no closing costs, no appraisal fees, no credit report fees, no recording fees, no document preparation fees and no title insurance needed.

Credit Card Products

The credit card products of Sikorsky Financial Credit Union are: VISA Platinum, VISA Classic, and Student VISA. All cards present the following advantages: no annual fees, low annual percentage rate for purchases and cash advances, and 25-day grace period on new purchases when previous balance has been paid in full, and travel/accident insurance.

The VISA Platinum has the following value-added features: ScoreCard Bonus Points on every dollar spent, travel emergency assistance, Warranty Manager Service, and car rental insurance on cares rented with the credit card. The latter is also offered by VISA Classic. The Student VISA card has the ScoreCard Bonus Points Program.

Building/Re-Buidling Credit

Students can start to build credit history with the Student VISA credit card. However, the credit union does not have a specialized credit card for those with bad credit issues. If you are on the path of re-establishing credit, however, you may request for a secured credit card, which if granted may have higher interest rates and have annual and other fees. You may also be required to have a co-signor or guarantor for your credit card application. If your application is turned down, you can open a savings account or avail of the credit union's other products. In time, you may be able to prove that you are credit worthy. The road to credit repair is not easy but the goal is certainly reachable. Meanwhile, make financial discipline and responsibility a way of life for you.

Sikorsky Financial Credit Union is indeed a reliable and solid credit union that offers a full range of financial services for its members to achieve their financial goals. As its mission statement says, it certainly is 'committed to act in the best interest of its membership."


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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