Sharonview Federal Credit Union Shares Its Success


Growing constantly through providing excellent financial products and personalized service, Sharonview achieved recognition on both the personal and industry levels in1989. When Sharonview Federal Credit Union was selected as the Federal Credit Union of the Year in the same year the General Manager/President was named the National Association of Federal Credit Unions Professional of the Year, history was made. Today, Sharonview Federal Credit Union serves over 59,000 worldwide and manages assets of over $900 million.

Today, Sharonview provides all the banking services offered by large corporate banking organizations but at much more affordable rates. Loan rates on automobiles for members can be as low as 2.74% APR over 36 months and 60 month loans are offered at a fixed APR of 3.49%. Fixed rate loans for general purposes can be acquired at a fixed APR of 7.99% and share secured loans are given at the share rate +2.50%. Home Equity, first and second mortgage loans are all offered at the lowest possible rates for members.

Sharonview Federal Credit Union offers two exceptional credit cards to its members. Sharonview Visa Platinum Rewards card has an introductory rate of 4.9% for 6 months on purchases and balance transfers and then can be a low fixed rate of 8.9%. There are no annual or balance transfer fees. Free convenience checks and cash advances are included with a million dollar travel accident insurance policy that automatically goes into effect when the whole fare is purchased with the Sharonview card. Zero liability for unauthorized purchases and 90 day product protection is given on purchases made with your card. The Sharonview MasterCard Platinum Preferred card has many of the same benefits and introductory rates offered by the Visa Platinum Rewards card but the ongoing rate begins at a fixed 7.9%, a $ 250,000 travel accident policy is extended and identity theft reimbursement insurance with victim assistance is included.

Free money management counseling is offered to members struggling with financial problems. Economic disaster has struck many in the recent years and Sharonview is dedicated to helping members with bad credit learn how to learn new money management skills. Budgeting, responsible purchasing, and money management educational resources are made available to members though the credit unions partnering with InCharge Institute. This is a huge benefit for people with bad credit.

Sharonview Federal Credit Union spans the globe. There are 21 branches in North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania for walk in banking but ebranch is the most used form of banking by members where ever they are. In person or online members know they are valued.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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