Sharing the Fairmont Federal Credit Union Family Feeling

North Central West Virginia has been a busy center of blue collar workers since the early 1900’s and Fairmont Federal Credit Union reflects the values of the hard working people it is made up of.

Services go beyond the standard financial accounts found at every financial institution. Constantly looking for and implementing ways to help members achieve their financial goals, the most economically FFCU has earned the loyalty of those they serve.

In 1939, employees of Owens-Illinois Glass began banking at Fairmont Onized Federal Credit Union; but, due to excellent management, membership expanded to the point that a name change to Fairmont Federal Credit Union was appropriate. Membership is now available to everyone residing or employed in Monongalia, Taylor, Marion and Harrison Counties as well as a number of Select Employee Groups located in Preston County. Now with nine regional offices in West Virginia, Fairmont Federal Credit Union holds the title of a swiftly up and coming financial institution.

The scope of benefits offered to Fairmont Federal Credit Union members goes from traditional checking, savings, home and auto loans to providing fraud alerts and financial tools online for young and old alike to use in making financial decisions. Encouraging members to participate in their own financial security through systematic financial planning, youth and education savings plans are offered. Fairmont Federal Credit Union online banking services promote savings in terms of reducing unnecessary consumption of natural resources as well. Through eServices, home banking is fast and easy. Bill Pay-e Plus, eStatements, online calculators and loan applications make banking and credit acquisition less stressful and time consuming.

In keeping with FFCU’s tradition of providing services tailored to the different needs of its members, eight Visa card options are offered. The five consumer Visa platforms include Visa Signature, Visa Platinum, College Rewards Visa and Young Adult Visa cards that have no annual fees. Platinum card holders get the lowest rates while Signature card holders earn points or cash to be applied to merchandise rewards or travel. College Rewards gives 1,000 points when initially used and points can be used for gift cards, cash or discounted airfare. Fairmont Federal Credit Union assists young people in building a credit history through the Young Adult Visa card with a qualified cosigner and gives individuals with bad credit an opportunity to rebuild credit through the Secured Visa card. Three outstanding business visa cards are also offered.

Being a fast, reasonable supplier of secure and private credit is what Fairmont Federal Credit Union strives to be. If you are eligible to belong, doing so can make sure your financial future can be bright.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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