Saluting Sun Community Federal Credit Union

Since March of 1954 the essence of Sun Community Federal Credit Union has been evolving, expanding and improving.

From ten members to more than fifty-four thousand in fifty-seven years this credit union has been a force in the lives of those in the southern most communities of California. Offering products that fit the needs of the diverse community they have taken extra steps to assist low income families and micro-enterprises build solid financial foundations. Through competitive rates and providing many financial tools to their members via the internet Sun Community Federal Credit Union is an excellent example of what defines credit unions.

Organized as the Imperial Valley U.S. Employees Federal Credit Union the name was changed to Government Agencies Federal Credit Union in 1968. After that it was commonly referred to as GAFCU until 2002 when the name Sun Community Federal Credit Union was formally adopted. Today Calexico, El Centro, Holtville, Imperial, Calipatria, Brawley and Salton City all host branch offices with ATM’s available in Seely and Heber.

In additional to regular and business checking and savings accounts Sun Community Federal Credit Union has customized accounts geared specifically to children, young adults, and seasonal workers. They offer a Starter Line of Credit and Share Secured Loans to help members establish or rebuild credit. QuickCash loans are available to members in good standing for a flat fee of $25 to help cover times when an emergency arises between paychecks.

Their auto and recreational vehicles loan programs are multi-tiered and begin as low as 5.24% for an 80% loan over 24 months on approved credit and they carry financing for new/used vehicles and road motorcycles up to 2 years old at 90% to 130% at rates beginning as low as 5.74%. Credit card offerings are limited to debit Visa cards and Visa One Card offered through First Bankcard. Every loan offering is clearly displayed on the credit union website.

Sun Community Federal Credit Union offers a user friendly home online banking and bill pay system to all its members as well as many other free services including the ability to register to participate in the Sun Community On-line Visa system once you receive your Visa One card. Personal loan application, real estate application credit check, checking account and financial planning fees are waived for members and discounted tickets for theme parks are made available.

Going beyond simple banking Sun Community Federal Credit Union listens and provides the banking products their members need. Thousands of people have found a home with Imperial counties brightest financial institution. You’ll be well taken care of if you join them too.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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