Salal Credit Union

The Salal Credit Union, located in Washington, USA, is an institution catering to the financial needs of its members.

It is focused on providing its valued constituents convenient and simple banking transactions, and financial advice. Anyone who lives in Washington can be a member of this non-profit, financial institution.

History and Establishment

Established in 1948 to assist community members and healthcare workers, Salal Credit Union was originally known as the Group Health Credit Union. It was created from the nine founders' vision of community members helping each other in terms of their financial well-being. The Salal Credit Union is categorized as a State Chartered Credit Union. Over the past years, the union has expanded, with estimated assets of more than $321,821,638, with 29,757 members, 93 employees, and 6 branches. The Better Business Bureau has accredited the union; in addition, it boasts of having all its deposits insured up to $250,000 by the federal government.

Products and Services

The Salal Credit Union is noted for providing its members the ease of banking from home, through its full-service website. The union's users can accomplish financial transactions in the comfort of their home, ranging from paying bills, applying for loans, transferring money between accounts, and much more.

It offers the Primary Savings Account, where members can open an account at a minimum amount of fifty dollars. The My Savings Account caters to eighteen to twenty-eight year olds, under the premise that this is the best time to start saving. The Extra Savings Account is for those who desire to save up for a special occasion or buy a dream house in the future. The Youth Savings Account helps children to acquire great saving habits at a young age. Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) on the other hand works on the premise that there is no perfect time to save for retirement than today. The Cash Card allows the member to gain easy access to his savings account whenever and wherever he might be. The Union also offers personal loans, auto loans and home loans at flexible terms.

The Salal Credit Union offers Online Banking service, which allows members to be informed of the bank's upcoming products/services, pay their bills, and keep track of their transactions and expenses, to name a few. It also offers loan protection, notary, and wire transfer service. For members wishing to increase their financial well-being, the union offers Financial Education. Direct deposit service provides members the power to transfer funds to one or multiple accounts in a convenient way.


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