Rivermark Credit

Like other non-profit financial cooperatives, Rivermark Credit Union is a member-owned union designed to help people who save and borrow from it.

With more than 58,000 members to serve, it is definitely one of the biggest credit unions not just in Oregon but nationwide.

Rivermark Credit Union was founded in 1951 as Safeway Portland Employees Federal Union. It was initially exclusive to 58 grocery store employees who wanted a place where they can save or loan in friendlier terms. In 2004, it was renamed Rivermark Credit Union to commemorate the approval of its petition for community charter. As of press time, Rivermark has branches in Beaverton, Clackamas, Gresham, Hawthorne, Maupin, Newberg, Salem, and The Dalles. All of them have ATMs and operate from 9 am to 5 pm. Branches that are open on Saturdays operate from 10 am to 2 pm. Courtesy of the Co-op Network of ATMs, members can now access their cards through 28,000 ATMs nationwide sans the surcharge.

The basic services offered by Rivermark Credit include checking and savings accounts. Checking accounts come in three categories: rewards checking (with interest), free Checking (w/o fees), and interest plus checking. Savings accounts, on the other hand, can be in rewards savings (with higher interest rates), holiday and tax savings, dollar dog savings (for kids), and go money savings (for students). Those looking for additional investment can choose money market accounts, certificates, and IRAs.

Other investment services from Rivermark Credit include mutual funds, IRAs, variable annuities, and securities. Those who are planning for retirement or their children’s education can take advantage of Rivermark Credit’s financial management services. For added protection, members of Rivermark credit can also avail of the loan protection program, guaranteed asset protection program, extended auto warranty program, the AD&D insurance, dental insurance, or the ID theft protection.

For members who are short on cash or just planning for a bigger spending need, Rivermark Credit also offers auto loans, home loans (e.g. home equity), and personal loans. They even have a credit card from Visa that the member can use. This Rivermark credit card has no annual fee, no transaction fees for cash advance and balance transfer, no penalty rates for late payment, and has an APR of 9.9%.

Membership in Rivermark Credit Union is limited to residents and workers in Oregon and their immediate family members. Parents, children, and siblings by blood, adoption or marriage can also become members and receive the same benefits. Spouses and domestic partners are also eligible.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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