Prospera Credit

Prospera Credit Union is one of the biggest union organizations in Wisconsin.

It started in 1934 as an organization of employees from the George Banta Publishing Company in Menasha. It was primarily created to provide them with the necessary financial support they needed through the establishment of a financial cooperative. At that time, Prospera Credit Union was known as the Banta Credit Union operating in a proofreading office of the publishing company and taking care of around 200 members with an asset of $2,500.

For forty years, Banta Credit Union served only the employees of the Banta Publishing Company. In 1975, however, it was given the permission to expand and serve the community. This made membership open to all residents and workers of three counties including Winnebago, Outagamie, and Calumet. Over the course of two decades, Banta Credit Union continued to add thousands of members to its credit until it was officially renamed the Banta Community Credit Union in 1998. After five years, all members approved another change of name. This time, Banta Community Credit Union became Prospera Credit Union and in 2003, Prospera Credit Union has succeeded in expanding to Brown County.

Now, it has over 15,000 members and $147 million worth of overall assets. All of the members enjoy the benefits and services offered by Prospera Credit Union. These include personal banking assistance such as personal savings/checking account management and personal loans including mortgage, home equity, auto loan, recreational loan, student loan, and personalized lending. Prospera Credit Union also offers debit cards and credit cards to its members. Other financial services offered include account management and loans for businesses, payroll management, and business planning and investment. Prospera Credit Union is fully insured by NCUA and is regulated by Wisconsin’s Department of Financial Institutions. It has two branches in Appleton, one in Darboy, one in Menasha, and one in Neenah and offers a 24/7 customer care line via phone or the internet.

The only credit card offered by Prospera Credit Union is the Prospera Platinum Visa®. This card allows great savings with a zero annual fee, an APR of 9.9% on purchases and the choice to transfer credit card balances without the fee. A Prospera credit card holder also gets the chance to increase his credit limit to up to $25,000. Even cash advances come with zero transaction fees. The only charge imposed on cash advances is the 0.825% monthly finance charge. The minimum payment required per month is 1% of the total current balance or $20.00, also including the amount in excess of the credit limit and any amount of prior minimum payments that have not been made. The fee for foreign rate transactions is 1% of the amount and when an additional card is requested, the cardholder will be charged $5 for every card. For Late payments and returned checks, on the other hand, a Prospera credit card will incur a penalty fee of $25.00 each.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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