PrimeWay Federal Credit Union

“To create a thriving community, where all have the tools to build financial stability,” is the vision of PrimeWay Federal Credit Union.

There are three words in PrimeWay Federal Credit Union's mission statement which resonates with sincerity and a strong sense of purpose - to create financial strength. Its products are diverse and have been designed to suit even the most special needs of its customers.

For example, what PrimeWay Federal Credit Union call as ‘checking solutions’ are characterized by checking accounts with no service charges and no minimum balance requirements; those with no monthly fees and earns dividends with a low maintaining balance of one thousand dollars; an elite checking amount; and a restricted investment checking account, yet, flexible with the strength of a savings account.

Its ‘savings solutions’ are the following: regular share and membership to the credit union with no minimum balance requirements and no fees; monthly dividends on average daily balance of $100 or more; share certificates for risk free investing and higher dividends for with a minimum opening balance of $500; step-up share certificates for risk free investing and higher dividends with $250 minimum deposit and regular installments of $25 or more; and tax free investments (IRAs) - Traditional and Roth and Coverdell Educational and Tax Advantage Savings Plans.

Its loan products include credit cards, auto loans, signature loans, secured loans, mortgage, home improvement loans; home improvement or equity loans, and SWBC insurance verification.

PrimeWay Mastercard benefits include: no annual fees, no cash advance fees, no balance transfer fees and balance transfers at retail purchase rates; zero liability policy, year-end summary of charges; rewards bonus points; credit card registration to protect against fraud; $1 million travel accident insurance; $300 baggage delay insurance; and MasterCard emergency services.

For the past 70 years, PrimeWay Federal Credit Union continues to provide superior financial services to the Houston area with emphasis on low interest rates and higher dividends. Those who live, work, attend school and worship in the cities of Harris, Fort Bend, or Worship Counties can become members of PrimeWay Federal Credit Union including employees of sponsor companies and relatives of members.

Further elaboration on the mission of PrimeWay Federal Credit Union states that it wants to “forge a bond in our community by reaching out to all people, including the underserved.” This statement indicates that the credit union may consider giving credit cards to those with bad credit standing. People with a tarnished credit record are discriminated upon by most financial institutions and can thus be considered as part of the underserved. The credit union sends a message of having the capacity for giving second chances to those desiring a credit card.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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