Pinnacle Credit

Pinnacle Credit Union is a member-owned credit union primarily for teachers and educators in Georgia.

It operates through the state’s school system and the GAE or the Georgia Association of Educators, which is an organization established for public educators including day care service professionals. Pinnacle Credit Union started as a result of several mergers of a few credit unions in 1987. Since then, it has grown to serve not only educators but also community charters, office supply companies, trucking companies, security companies, warehouses, manufacturers, and hospitals. To date Pinnacle Credit Union has estimated assets of $70 million dollars serving almost 14,000 members in the Peach State. Membership in Pinnacle Credit is available from over 100 Select Employee Groups (SEGs) as part of their list of benefits. Not only does it offer services to members but also to their families (by blood, marriage, or adoption).

What are the services offered by Pinnacle Credit Union? Like other financial organizations, Pinnacle offers banking services such as savings accounts, checking accounts, Certificates of Deposit, IRAs, ATM cards, and check cards. It also offers personal loans, business loans, auto loans, mortgage loans, secured loans, home equity loans, and debt consolidation loans. Other services offered by Pinnacle Credit Union include investments services, home and auto insurance, AD&D insurance, account reconciliation, research, and verification, notary service, safe deposit boxes, official checks and money orders, and wire transfers.

Members can also avail of Pinnacle Credit Union’s credit cards from Visa: the Visa Classic and the Visa Gold. Both credit cards offer a fixed APR and require a minimum monthly payment of 4% of the total balance or a minimum of $30. Both also do not impose transaction fees for cash advances. The only fees attached to both Pinnacle credit cards include an over-the-limit fee of $15, a late payment fee of $10 (which only applies after ten days), a returned check fee of $20, a card replacement fee of $3, and a request for statement fee of $5.

The Visa Classic is the standard credit card from Pinnacle with an APR of 13%. Though it does not offer a grace period, it does not require an annual fee. The Visa Gold Card has a lower APR of 12% but it comes with an annual membership fee of $12 and a grace period of 25 days. Other privileges from the Visa Gold Card include emergency card and ticket replacement, emergency cash, auto rental and travel accident insurance, lost luggage assistance, extended protection and purchase security program, and free medical and legal referral service in case of emergency.

Pinnacle Credit Union is headquartered in Atlanta and has two other branches in the city and in Eatonton. Both branches have ATMs that members can access anytime. In case of emergency, Pinnacle Credit can be accessed anywhere in the United States 24/7 through the Shared Service Center.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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