PenFed Credit Card

The Pentagon Federal Credit Union, issuer of the PenFed Credit Card, provides services to the soldiers and war veterans.
Other people who can still avail of the services of Pentagon Federal Credit Union are employees of institutions that are related to military, such as the Pentagon, Department of Defense, and others. It is does not only focus on financial services to the military, but it also gives an edge of competition to other credit unions as well.

Members of the Pentagon Federal Credit Union receive a lot of benefits. These can come in the form of high dividend yields, very low loan rates, real estate services, and access to the PenFed Credit Card. Thus, being a soldier has its perks as well when it comes to the financial aspect, thanks to these beneficial services that are dedicated to them.

Speaking of the PenFed Credit Card, there are many types of credit cards that are offered by the credit union according to the preferences and financial capabilities of the applicants. There are even student credit cards that will really be helpful for college students with a low limit to prevent creating a bad start in building a good credit history. For the everyday user, there are choices that can be really handy in your daily expenses.

One of the main reasons why people are so eager to have a PenFed Credit Card is the rewards that can be claimed with it. Remember, not everyone is privileged enough to be eligible for the card, so there are certain benefits that are enjoyed by the credit card holders. Some of these are a fixed APR of 13.99%, zero annual fees, and cash backs on all purchases made with the card. These cash backs are 5% on gas, 2% on groceries, and 1.25% on the rest. These can be earned with no restrictions at all.

Other premium benefits of the PenFed Credit Card are in the form of travel rewards and special merchandise. Cash backs on airfare are also available for a limited time. With the $50,000 limit, it is indeed easy to gain reward points and to avail all the cash backs that are offered by constantly using it whenever you go out for the grocery or for refueling your car.

In spite of all these cash backs, it is still the responsibility of the PenFed Credit Card user to use his card wisely. Like any other credit card, it can affect your credit history and credit score depending solely on you. Although the cash backs may be too enticing to make all those purchases, also consider your working budget whenever you use the card. Make sure that you can pay for your credit once the billing statement arrives.

The PenFed Credit Card is not a card available for everyone, so if you have it, maintain it by preventing it from becoming delinquent and from ruining your credit history. Many people want to have it, so consider yourself lucky if you are currently using it for your everyday expenses.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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