Patronizing CoVantage Credit Union Pays Off

CoVantage Credit Union makes being a member advantageous in ways not offered by many other credit unions.

From being ranked as a member of the uppermost 5% of over 1,790 credit unions in the "return to savers" value given on deposit services for members to coordinating with local middle schools to promote financial planning and saving habits in teens through the "Mad About Money" program CoVantage gives back abundantly to its members and communities it serves.

Since its beginning in 1953, CoVantage Credit Union has taken its fiscal responsibility towards its members very seriously. As of year- end 2010 CoVantage has earned the distinction of being among Wisconsin's securest financial institutions. Prudent money management allowed them to distribute one and a half million in dividends to the very members with loans and savings last year, as they have for more than the last 28 years. Almost all of the different kinds of loan holders received sizable rebates on the interest they paid.

CoVantage Credit Union benefits include extensive availability of their services. Drive-up teller service begins at 7:30 a.m. so it is possible to stop by the bank before going to work if their online banking program or call center cannot remove the need to go to the bank. Wisconsin branch locations include three in Wausau, two in Antigo and Crandon, Rhinelander and Shawano each have one branch office. Crystal Falls and Iron River in Michigan each have a CoVantage Credit Union branch for in-house transactions. Custom programs accommodate the agricultural community member's needs and those of individuals not interested in having a traditional checking account. For elderly members CoVantage Credit Union has teamed up with CUNA Mutual Group and Humana to provide assistance in Medicare planning. The Medicare Suite Program helps save time and money by walking members through the options available.

In addition to their Visa, MasterCard and Mastercard Gold offerings which have no annual fees and a 8.95% APR CoVantage Credit Union offers business clients secured and unsecured business credit cards , business lines of credit and business Kwik Cash loan options. CoVantage Credit Unions Load and Go Card program, which works something like a prepaid credit card, frees individuals from checks, statements and the possibility of overdrafts. This program can be very useful for people with bad credit histories.
Fifteen counties in Wisconsin and two in Michigan are covered by CoVantage Credit Union. A telephone call or email is the best way to determine if you are one of the fortunate that can join. Banking with a credit union is always wise but CoVantage makes is a brilliant move.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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