NFCU Credit Card

The Navy Federal Credit Union, named one of the top credit card issuers in the United States in terms of member satisfaction, offers a variety of credit cards that have high credit limits, no balance transfer fees, and low interest rates.

All NFCU credit cards come with zero liability programs, payment protection plans, rewards programs (except the NFCU Platinum), and an online account access. Each NFCU credit card holder is assured of protection from fraud with NFCU’s Zero Liability Policy. The following are the current consumer credit cards from NFCU which offer rewards programs.

The NFCU cashRewards Visa credit card is dedicated to clients who prefer to earn cash with their purchases. This NFCU credit card offers up to 1.5% cash back on every purchase made on the card. An annual spending of up to $10,000 can give a NFCU cashRewards cardholder 1% cash back. If the amount exceeds $10,000, the cash back can reach 1.5%. There are no rewards limits or expiration on this NFCU credit card. Plus, it does not charge any annual fee or balance transfer fee. With an APR that starts from 9.65% and a 25-day grace period, this NFCU credit card is a good choice.

The nRewards® Visa or MasterCard is another NFCU credit card to choose from. It has a minimum APR of 8.9%, a grace period of 25 days, plus a zero annual fee. Rewards offered by this NFCU credit card include gift cards and merchandise from leading retailers including Gap and Best Buy. For every dollar spent on purchases, cardholders earn one rewards point and a 1% rewards return. Cardholders can also accumulate their points until they get their coveted rewards since unredeemed points only expire after 4 years.

NFCU also offers a secured credit card, the nRewards® Secured card. This NFCU credit card is designed for those who wish to rebuild their credit rating since its credit line is determined by the amount a client designates through his savings. This credit line can range from $500 to $50,000. Another good news is, it has no annual fee and clients get to earn rewards for purchases and redeem them for gift cards and certificates. The minimum APR for this NFCU credit card is 15.9%.

For members who wish to earn travel rewards, either the NFCU goRewards® Visa/MasterCard or the Flagship Rewards Visa is the answer. Every purchase charged on the goRewards® card gives the cardholder rewards returns of up to 1.7% and rewards points that can be redeemed through gift cards, cash back, merchandise, or travel perks. For the Flagship Rewards Visa, rewards returns on each dollar spent can reach up to 2%. The annual fee for goRewards® card is $18 while that for the Flagship Rewards Visa is $49. The goRewards® card has a minimum APR of 9.40% whereas the APR for Flagship Rewards Visa can reach as low as 9.9%. The Flagship Rewards Visa also has a minimum credit line of $5,000. This is the NFCU credit card for travelers who prefer the good life.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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