Members Choice Credit Union

There are three 'Members Choice Credit Union.'

These are based in Houston, Texas; Ashland, Kentucky, and Peoria, Illinois.

Members Choice Credit Union (Houston, Texas)

The nearly 70-year history of Members Choice Credit Union strongly indicates its financial stability and how outstanding it has been in serving the needs of its members. A full-service financial institution, it has stayed faithful to its 'people-helping-people' philosophy - one of the basic truths that a credit union is founded upon.

Membership to Members Choice Credit Union includes residents of the following communities: Katy, Cy-Fair, Harris County (West of I45), and Kingwood/Humble; their families and more than 100 employee groups and associations.

Its products and services include: savings and checking accounts, home equity lines and loans, auto loans, mortgages, personal loans, protection products, credit cards, online banking and bill pay, mobile banking, choice club (for 55 years old and older), safe deposit boxes, and many more. Last June, Members Choice Credit Union announced its Kasasa(TM) free checking and savings accounts. Already inciting enormous interest nationwide, Kasasa literally pays holders of the account for its usage through high interest, automatic savings, money donated to charity, or free iTunes® downloads.

Its credit card products include: Platinum MasterCard, Gold MasterCard and secured MasterCard. According to Members Choice Credit Union, the latter is 'a friendly way to re-establish your credit." The credit card is the credit union's way to assist those starting to establish a credit history or those recovering from past bad credit track record. The credit limit on this card is guaranteed by a special savings account.

Members Credit Union has innovative financial products that truly benefit its customers. It is a credit union with a heart as it paves the way for those with no or bad credit issues to move into the right direction of financial responsibility.

Members Choice Credit Union (Ashland, Kentucky)

Established in 1932, Members Choice Credit Union in Ashland, Kentucky has strong asset base of nearly $143 million with less than half or 70.4 million loaned out. It has 16,693 members and provides a full range of financial products and services to residents of Ashland, Kentucky and their families. It has two branches at Russell Road and Cannonsburg Road.

Its products and services include the following: Share and Share Draft Accounts, Christmas Club Accounts, IRAs, Share Certificates, credit cards and many more. Its loan products include loans for: new and used autos, recreational vehicles, personal loans, certificate secured loans, appliances loans and VISA credit cards.

If you are establishing or re-establishing your credit card, is Members Choice Credit Union in Ashland, Kentucky for you? The answer is probably. Unlike other credit unions, this credit union does not seem to have a special program for these types of customers. As an alternative, one can ask or request them for one but you may need to have a co-signor or guarantor of good standing or you may apply for one that is secured. Whatever the result will be, it is to your best interest to start the journey towards credit worthiness - start by opening an account with them if you are eligible for membership.

Members Choice Credit Union (Peoria, Illinois)

Members Choice Credit Union of Peoria, Illinois was opened in 1935 and currently has assets worth about $92 million and 9,547 members and assets of $92 million. Members Choice Credit Union's locations are in Illinois: 2 locations in Peoria, Illinois; Springfield, and Galesburg,

To be eligible for membership to this credit union, you must be employed by or have a family member employed by: Ameren Cilco, OSF Healthcare Systems and its subsidiaries, OSF St. Francis Medical Center, OSF St. Mary Medical Center, OSF Corporate Office, OSF Healthplans, St. Francis Inc., Toulon Healthcare Center, and OSF Internal Medicine. Eligible family members include: spouse, parents, brothers, sisters, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews.

Its products and services include: vehicle loans, VISA Credit Card, home equity loans, personal loans, open line of credit, Single Pay Notes, share savings account, sub-share savings account, insurance, checking accounts, investment accounts - share draft checking and insured money market accounts.

The credit card products of Members Choice Credit Union of Peoria, Illinois include: the VISA Classic Card with a low APR of 11.9% and a VISA Gold Card with a 9.9% APR. There is a 25-day grace period and the minimum payment is either $25.00 or 3% of the total outstanding balance, whichever is greater.

Are the credit cards of Members Choice Credit Union of Peoria, Illinois for those with bad credit issues or those just starting to build credit? The answer is probably. It does not have a clear-cut specific program for these types of customers. One can try to apply and see what happens. If you will be granted a credit card, most probably this will be secured wither APRs and fees such as annual fees. You may also be required to have a co-signor or guarantor, apart from an evaluation of your current circumstances. It is best to start being financially responsible now, whether your application will be approved or not.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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