Marine Federal Credit Union

Marine Federal Credit Union’s stability, reliability, and customer service excellence are strongly reflected by more than five decades of solid experience.

It provides a full range of financial services and products - deposit products, loan products, and other special products. No, it does not only serve the maritime shipping, or the military industry as the name may suggest; though it initially aimed to service only the needs of US Marines stationed at Camp Lejune Marine Base in North Carolina when it was first established in April 1959.

Marine Federal Credit Union meets the financial needs of all industries, businesses, and individuals in about twenty locations in Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Carolina, Virginia, and Iowa. However, membership is limited to the following: military, D.O.D., and non-appropriated civilians associated with Camp Lejune and Marine corps associations (MCAs) in New River, Jacksonville, North Carolina, and Quantico Virginia; selected business partners; and immediate family (by blood, adoption, and household members) of the above.

Its deposit products include: checking services, savings and special purpose accounts, individual retirement accounts (IRAs), certificate of deposit, home banking, direct line banking, and ATM services. Its loan products are: vehicle loans, home loans, personal loans, home equity line of credit, credit cards, Kwik scash line of credit, and other loan products for every borrowing need. Its other special products include payroll deduction, direct deposit, automatic payments, traveler’s checks, money orders, safety deposit boxes, notary service, and an electronic federal tax payment system.

Marine Federal Credit Union’s Visa Cards offers low, competitive, and non-variable rates - with no annual fee and no transaction fee for cash advance, 25-day grace period, free on-line account management, around the clock fraud protection, free transactional-based rewards programs, among others. The latter include: the Visa Platinum ScoreCard Rewards Card which gives bonus points for every qualified purchase that may be redeemed for merchandise and travel; and the Visa Platinum ScoreCard Cash Back Card which earns cash annually according to the amount of purchases.

As of the end of February 2009, Marine Federal Credit Union had assets of just under $ 590 million with only half of it loaned out. Only 2% of their loans are delinquent - implying that the credit union’s financial standing is extraordinarily healthy; a feat in this difficult times characterized by excessive loan and credit card defaults.

This suggests that Marine Federal Credit Union exercises prudence in their lending operations and strict loan and credit card application requirements. Moreover, its limited membership to army-associated personnel, as stated above ensures its continued success in as much as the latter are enjoined to be financially responsible or risk punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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