KU Credit Union Delivers On Promises

Keeping the promise to provide the best in service and financial solutions KU Credit Union has continued to evolve with the times.

Offering members as many time saving and educational services as financial products, they reflect the true community concept that distinguishes credit unions from other financial institutions.


Over twenty years ago KU Credit Union merged their 75 select employee groups with the Bartlesville, Oklahoma based 66 Federal Credit Union which provided expanded services for their members in Lawrence, Kansas. Still operating as KU Credit Union locally and listed as a division of 66 Federal Credit Union. KUCU offers the small credit union experience through three branch offices with the deposit insurance benefit of a federal credit union.


Over a hundred community businesses are KU Community Partners which means employees of the companies can join KU Credit Union as an employee benefit. This occupational field of membership eligibility extends to immediate family members as well. If one member of your extended family belongs to the credit union you are eligible. This relationship extends to step or adoptive parents and roommates. From the four base locations of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, Springdale, Arkansas, Lawrence, Kansas and Houston, Texas membership spans the globe.


Credit unions typically offer credit cards at lower rates than other sources and the Visa Platinum with CURewards and Visa Classic cards offered by KU Credit Union carry three attractive variable APR's. Creditworthiness will determine if you get a Visa card at 9.50%, 12.50% or 15.50%. Visa Classic is for credit limits below $5,000. The Visa Platinum with CURewards offers credit limits of $5,000 and higher. Double CUReward points are given to Advantage Checking account holders.

Checking accounts have no service fees and free checks, ePay, mobile banking, use of eBranch and eStatements is included. Advantage Checking accounts are for those that keep larger sums in their checking accounts and earns higher dividends on the tier level payout system as well as earning double CURewards points when Visa card purchases are made. Direct deposits are encouraged as are Health Savings accounts. Auto loans begin as low as 3.69 % on 2009 + models. A wealth of tips and helpful information is provided for new auto and home buyers on the eBranch site.

It is the responsiveness to member's financial needs with solutions that work that makes KU Credit Union special. Those individuals with bad credit histories are treated with the same respect and professionalism everyone else and provided information and products to improve their situation.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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