Heartland Credit Union

The Heartland Credit Union is currently based in Madison city in the state of Wisconsin.

The union primarily serves Southwestern Wisconsin and Eastern Iowa. Heartland Credit Union started in the year 1958 and is a community based, member owned type of credit union. The union is a financial cooperative and much like all credit unions, plows its earnings and profits back to members. The Heartland Credit Union is committed to helping members make their financial dreams come true by providing them financial assistance in the form of loans, savings, and other related products.

Heartland Credit Union Madison Wisconsin works hard to provide its members very low interests on loans. It also strives to use the newest technological banking services available to make transactions more convenient to members. Heartland Credit Union also tries to regularly come up with new and improved products and offerings for customers.

Since the beginning, the union has stuck to its mission (which it still continues to pursue this day) which is to provide members competitive financial services and products to help them improve their social and economic well-being. The union is also capable of offering the same types of services and products that traditional banks and other financial establishments can provide. The one thing that sets them apart from banks and other like business institutions is that the union is owned and controlled by its members.

The Heartland Credit Union also takes pride in their policy of providing services to customers with a smile. The union has staff members that are always ready and eager to answer questions or queries. Employees are also trained to direct customers to individuals who would be the most capable in helping them with their concerns.

The Heartland Credit Union with its friendly staff treats all its members with respect and care. There is nothing like a business organization or a union for that matter, where a member is treated equally and considered as a close kin. The Heartland Credit Union is committed to make its members feel secure and safe.

The union is able to offer online banking to members. The Heartland Credit Union online banking service allows customers to check their account balance, make payments, and deposit money (among others) right in the comforts of their own homes.

Every credit union has its own vision and mission. Heartland Credit Union's goal is centered on helping people reach their dreams, regardless of the magnitude or scale.


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