Healthcare's Cooperative CU, Formerly Health America Credit Union

Overview and Eligibility

The Health America Credit Union is based in Jackson, Florida and was established in 1954, initially to serve Blue Cross employees. In 1982, it extended membership to all American hospital and health care employees. In order that their operation as a cooperative was fully reflected, in 2009, they changed their name to Healthcare's Cooperative Credit Union (HCCU), and now have assets of over $100 million and serve many health care employee-members in 46 states. Membership is open to anyone living or working east of Highway 301, a variety of health care employees, and additionally real estate employees are eligible to join, you can check their website for the full list of health occupations covered.

Home Banking and Checking Accounts

Healthcare's Cooperative Credit Union (Health America Credit Union) has a range of checking services aimed at different types of customer. Active Checking offers both telephone and online access together with a Visa Debit card that is free if you make 10 transactions per month using the debit card. There is free ATM access, from five different networks of ATM's, online bill pay and account management and an overdraft facility if required. There is a specific online only account, E checking, an account for the over 55's called 55+ Checking, an account for students, Student Checking for ages 13 to 17 and Pulse Checking which removes any restrictions about card usage and costs $10 a month to maintain. HHCU's interest earning account is called Interest Checking, requires a minimum account balance of $2,500 which if maintained daily, means a fee-free account, and interest is earned at 0.10% APY. For the customer without a credit record, there is the Credit Starter Account, enabling 18 to 22 year olds to build up a credit record, with advice along the way about money management.

Credit cards and Loans

Elan Financial Services is the creditor, issuer and service provider for HHCU (Health America Credit Union) Credit Cards, offering customers a range of eight different Visa credit cards to suit all customer needs. Visa Signature and Visa Platinum offer an introductory 0% for the first 6 billing cycles. After that, the rate is 9.99% to 17.99% based on your creditworthiness, and there is no annual fee. Signature offers a 1% cash back on all purchases and no preset spending limit; it is negotiated at the time of application. Platinum requires a minimum household income of $12,000 and offers standard benefits such as extended warranty and Verified by Visa credit checks during transactions. College Rewards Visa allows points to be earned towards products in the rewards scheme. The Young Adult and Secured Visa are for those needing to establish a credit history or repair a poor credit record. A cosigner is needed for the Young Adult, and a line of credit of $300 to $5000 is available against a security deposit for the Secured Visa. There are also two business visa cards. For customers struggling with debt, Healthcare's Cooperative Credit Union, formerly called Health America Credit Union, offers a low cost refinancing loan to consolidate debt, with rates as low as 2.99%.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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