Gulf Winds Federal Credit Union

Throughout its 57 years of existence, Gulf Winds Federal Credit Union has remained true to its mission of enhancing its financial stability and improving the standard of living of its members.

It is a full-service financial institution offering reliable friendly services 'with a smile.' Fully practicing the 'people-helping-people' philosophy of credit unions, Gulf Winds Federal Credit Union has been involved in various community outreach programs.

Membership and Location

Membership to Gulf Winds Federal Credit Union consists of persons and their immediate family members; who live, work, go to school, or worship in Escambia or Santa Rosa Counties in Florida and Escambia County in Alabama. Businesses and other legal entities in these areas are also qualified for membership. The head office is located in Pensacola, Florida with 9 branches in the following sites: Atmore and Brewton in Alabama; and Cantonment, Gulf Breeze, Milton, all in Florida; and 4 other branches in Pensacola, Florida.

Products and Services

The financial products of Gulf Winds Federal Credit Union include the following: Savings Accounts, Checking Accounts, Business Accounts, Credit Cards, Visa Debit Cards, IRAs, Savings Certificates.
Its services include the following: a convenient network of ATMs, Online Banking, Phone Anytime Teller (PAT), Online Bill Pay, e-Statements with Check Images, Check Ordering, Overdraft Protection, Overdraft Privilege, Direct Deposit, Annual Credit Report, Member Prepaid Legal Plan, Safe Deposit Boxes, Money Orders, Savings Bonds, Visa & MasterCard Cash Advances, Notary Service, Postage Stamps, and Discount Tickets to Area Attractions.

Credit Card Services

The credit cards of Gulf Winds Federal Credit Union are Platinum VISA and MasterCards. These have a low fixed rate - as low as 9.9% APR and there is no annual fee. These cards earn points for rewards that include gift cards, airline tickets, cruises, hotels, merchandise, rental cars, and many more. Each dollar charged to the cards earns one point.

Building/Re-building Credit

Needless to say, a bad credit history creates difficulties for those applying for credit cards or any type of loan, regardless of the circumstances that caused it. Unlike some credit unions, Gulf Winds Federal Credit Union does not have a credit card specifically for those with a tarnished credit history. However, if you are qualified for membership to the credit union, you can still attempt to apply for one since credit unions generally cater to the so-called 'underserved." What you can do is write them a formal letter or seek an audience with them to explain the circumstances behind your credit history. It is preferable that you have a co-signor or guarantor to the credit card application and also a stable source of regular income. They may offer you a credit card that is secured by a savings account with higher interest rates and with annual and other fees. If this does not work, work first towards re-building your credit with them or with any other financial institution and re-apply again after a period of time.

If you are a teenager wishing to build a good credit history, avail of their MyMoney Teen's checking account. If you are past this age, try their MyOpportunity checking account, specifically for an opportunity for a fresh start, according to Gulf Winds Federal Credit Union. If you wish to apply for a credit card, follow the same procedure for those with bad credit history.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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