Fort Worth Community Credit Union

With the expressed purpose of filling its members financial needs Fort Worth Community Credit Union offers a vast array of services and financial products to choose from.

Convenient locations, internet accessibility and reasonable rates are offered of the residents, students or workers in Denton, Tarrant, Johnson and Parker counties of Texas. Over two hundred companies in the Fort Worth metroplex offer their employees and their families’ access to this non-profit organization.

Ten brick and mortar branch locations in Fort Worth, Arlington, Weatherford, Burleson, Flower Mound and Bedford Texas offer member’s a place to sit down and discuss financial issues. But the majority of Fort Worth Community Credit Union’s 44,000 members make use of the home banking options over the world-wide web. Mobile@ccess is the free wireless banking service most recently instituted and the Forth Worth Community Credit Union iPhone App can be downloaded for free from the credit unions website. Mobile banking with text message banking allows members to get account information anytime they need it. Electronic bill paying options as well as presentation, scheduling and live chat are provided for members to make their life easier.

On Fort Worth Community Credit Union’s website members are given many ways to save money. In addition to the standard dividend producing checking and savings accounts several other discounted products and services are offered. Discounted tickets can be purchased online by members for popular Texas attractions including Six Flags Over Texas, Fiesta Texas San Antonio, Sea World San Antonio, Hurricane Harbor, NRH20 and the Fort Worth Zoo. Sprint offers credit union members a 10% discount and free financial consultations are offered with John Bearrie of Fort Worth Community Investments.

Reasonable rates on credit cards, auto and consumer loans are available that are structured to fit all lifestyles. Fort Worth Community Credit Union offers Share Secured Loans at earning rate+2% and Secured MasterCard or Visa cards at a fixed 9.9% APR as ways for people with bad credit to build a new financial foundation. MasterCard and Visa cards are available in Platinum, Gold and Classic versions at 9.90%, 10.90%, and 13.90% respectively. Not only are auto loans available as low as 2.90% for new vehicles FWCCU offers financing to 125% of NADA values on auto’s owned by the bank. Another service provided is the Auto Buying Center that connects members with Preferred Dealers.

Fort Worth Community Credit Union has grown successfully since it was founded in 1940. To make the lives of members richer FWCCU continues to find more and better ways to serve. Individuals that can, definitely should take advantage of all that Fort Worth Community Credit Union has to offer.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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