Envision Credit Union Embraces Electronic Banking

Being over fifty years old hasn’t kept Envision Credit Union from joining the electronic revolution in banking.

Home banking is accomplished through eBranch by members around the world. In house handling of credit card transactions, personalized assistance setting up electronic bill pay features and extensive dissemination of online banking security information are just some of the ways Envision Credit Union stands out of the financial institution crowd.

Visa classic and platinum credit cards through Envision Credit Union are full featured. There are no annual fees, a 25 day interest free grace period is granted on purchases when paid in full each month, travel and auto rental insurance is automatic and cash advances receive the same interest rate as purchases. Reward points are earned with each dollar spent and can be used for air travel, products or vacation trips. Since Visa transactions are handled by Envison Credit Union, credit card history can be viewed without having to contact another agency. A great comparison worksheet is located on the web site making it easy to see all the positives of their credit cards. Starting with a low credit limit Visa card is a good way for people with bad credit to begin building their credit up again. Cards with all these benefits may not be immediately available but are the way to get the best out of credit card usage.

Use of Envision Credit Union online banking saves members time, fuel costs, postage and many paper products. Automatic deposits, account transfers, check searches and images done online are fuel and time savers. Signing up for and using Bill Payer eliminates paper checks, envelopes and postage. When coupled with emailed statements from Envision and other venders paper usage is truly minimized. Envision is very green minded and encourages natural as well as financial savings.

Keeping members updated on the details of internet scams, internet risk management and way to prevent losses from bogus emails is high priority for Envision and their online banking site informs members of generic precautions to take and details of specific current scams.

Vision is a key element of Envision Credit Union. Their progressive use of modern technology saves money and time for everyone involved and improves the natural environment by saving resources and reducing fuel emissions. eBranch makes applications, problem resolution and paying bills easy. Envision Credit Union employees offer person to person help in setting up and understanding how to use all the excellent features provided. Everyone can participate in home banking with Envision.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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