Elga Credit Union Has You Covered

Appealing to Generation X and Y as well as the baby boomers Elga Credit Union makes use of every modern banking avenue to save money for its members.

Low interest rates, low customer per employee ratio’s and 24/7 availability make them highly desirable among the vast area covered by Elga Credit Union.

Over 40 thousand members made up of residents from the counties of Livingston, Shiawassee, Oakland, Saginaw, Genesee and Lapeer as well as AFL-CIO members, retired Consumers Energy Company employees, over 55’ers receiving retirement income from private or public sources in Genesee County or the counties contiguous to it and persons who have made a $25 contribution to the Salvation Army Bed and Bread program, and their families already take advantage of the great banking features offered by Elga Credit Union. Joining can be done over the internet or in person at one of the three branch offices in Burton and Davison, Missouri. Since Elga is aligned with the Moneypass Network credit union members have access to transaction fee free ATMs nationwide as well as the six located in Fenton, Flint, Flushing, Lapeer and Waterford.

Keeping its members connected to their financial accounts and what the credit union is doing is one of the ways Elga Credit Union stands out. Elga tweets, facebooks and blogs to keep its members updated on what is newly available and where they are in the community projects they support. One of the electronic services they offer, in addition to the standard online banking eStatements, bill pay, money transfers and account tracking, is supplying you with the location of the closest surcharge free ATM when you text the address, zip code or intersection you are at to 692667 (MYCOOP) from your cell phone. A free download to your GPS of the database of the 28,000 fee free ATMS is also available.

Elga Credit Union offers eight savings account options, CD’s, Roth, Traditional and Education IR’s and IRA CD’s as vehicles to save and build wealth. Probably not as great a banking institution for those with bad credit those with excellent credit can get auto loans for 2.99% on 2005 or newer vehicles. Home Equity loans start at 4.99%. Though they only offer one Visa Credit Card iy has a 9.9% APR with no annual or balance transfer fees. Rewards are given and one of the options for using them is applying them to existing loans.

Elga Credit Union wisely applies the technology available to keep the highly mobile modern generations in touch with all their financial accounts. Young or old, if you want to enjoy total access electronically Elga Credit Union is the way to go.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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