EDS Credit Union, Now Known As InTouch Credit Union

Eligibility and Overview

EDS Credit Union is classified as a state chartered, natural person credit union and was chartered in 1974 and is regulated by the Texas Credit Union Department. From early 2010, it became known as InTouch Credit Union (ITCU). It was originally started as a credit union for the employees of Electronic Data Systems (EDS) and was called EDS Credit Union. It has since grown to over 74,000 members worldwide. Membership is open to all employees of EDS; people who live or work in the business development known as Legacy Business Park, in Plano, Texas; people who live or work in Collin County, Texas; Persons who live, work, worship or are located in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania; Employees of First American Financial Corporation and CoreLogic Incorporated. In addition, there is membership eligibility, within 10 to 15 mile proximity of ITCU's branch locations.

Home banking and locations

InTouch Credit Union, formerly known as EDS Credit Union, offers a range of checking and loan services, both online and at branch locations. EDS Credit Union locations were solely in Texas until the expansion and name change. InTouch Credit Union locations are throughout Texas, Michigan, California, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Virginia. The head office is in Plano, Texas, which has eight locations. In Michigan, there are four branches; California and Pennsylvania have one branch each; there are two locations in Virginia, and Nevada has five branches. These locations affect membership eligibility; additional details are available from the website. EDS credit union, home banking services, have been replaced by what InTouch Credit Union call, personal services, checking. They offer three types of checking service, Regular Checking, minimum opening balance of $100; Advantage Checking, opening requirement, $1,000; and their Health Services Account, minimum opening balance of $100 required. Student and young adult accounts are the same as Regular Checking, but with no minimum balance needed.

Credit Cards and other services

InTouch Credit Union offers two MasterCard credit cards, platinum and classic with an APR as low as 5.75% depending on clients credit status. Classic is the card for teens, young adults and those with lower incomes. It offers a 25 day grace period, no annual fee, and a limit up to $250 for cards requiring a qualified cosigner. Other limits are available for adults over 24, but they are subject to a credit check, and the APR may vary if the client's credit rating is poor. Lines of credit from $500 up to $2,500 are available, subject to credit check, for an APR as low as 6.25%. InTouch, originally, EDS Credit Union, have highly sophisticated software, so their Internet banking has additional features and is very user friendly.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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