Eastman Credit Union- A Light In The Financial Fog

In the dismal economic environment we live in today, Eastman Credit Union shines.

Through their progressive, yet stable, financial policies, they provide a range of financial services that benefit all members. Not everyone can join this stellar credit union but eligibility is broad and offered in several disbursed counties and states.

The Eastman Credit Union loans, credit cards and customer service options are all offered with their member’s financial well-being and convenience in mind. Security of information being equally as important as security of funds Eastman Credit Union Online was designed with safety as a priority. Via the electronic highway members can access checking account information, view their credit card statements, make fund transfers and pay bills anytime that their schedule allows. Eastman Credit Union offers six different no annual fee Visa credit cards in order to serve all their members credit needs.

All but one of the credit card options Eastman Credit Union offers can be applied for through the online banking site. The Visa card variables are whether interest rates are fixed or variable, the minimum limits and whether rewards options are included. The Platinum Preferred card offers a fixed interest rate of 9.90% and award benefits. The Visa Gold and Classic Cards come with either fixed or variable interests rates. At onset the variable card interest rates are 7.75% while fixed rates are considerably higher at 10.90%. The Visa Secure Card is specifically for members that are working on improving bad credit ratings. A Credit Builder Sec Visa Pledge account is required. The credit limit starts at $300 and caps out at $2500. At Eastman Credit Union cars and RVs all share the same loan rate of 2.84%, new or used.

Membership is offered to residents, worshipers, students, employees and business owners in Dickenson, Russell, Scott, Lee, Washington and Wise Norton counties in Virginia, Greene, Hancock, Hawkins, Sevier, Sullivan and Washington counties in Tennessee. Eastman Credit Union locations also include Gregg and Harrison counties in Texas. It is also open to employees or over 48 sponsor companies and more than 145 contractor companies.

Eastman Credit Union is one of an elite group of financial institutions that are staying solvent yet not shutting out any portion of their member base. Staying on top of all their financial accounts and instigating changes is made easy for members through the online services no matter where members live, work or do business.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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