DCU Credit

DCU Credit, a.k.a. the Digital Federal Credit Union, is a financial organization serving more than 350,000 members from East to West.

Since its inception in October 1979, DCU Credit has grown to be the largest in New England (where it is headquartered) assisting 700 other organizations and companies and their employees. In fact, DCU is ranked as one of the top 15 credit unions nationwide and tagged as the fastest growing in the United States within the last decade by Callahan & Associates.

DCU Credit has 14 branches in Massachusetts, 4 in New Hampshire, and more than 6,300 CU service centers all over the United States. ATMs are also virtually everywhere with 23 in Massachusetts, 3 in new Hampshire, and hundreds through NYCE, Cirrus, the Co-op Network, Sum/Intercept Switch, and Visa locations locally and abroad.

Eligibility for membership in DCU Credit is determined by the company you work for (if the company is a registered partner of DCU), your relationship to a DCU Credit member (if you’re a spouse, child, parent, sibling, grandparent, grandchild, adopted child, stepchild), the organization you are a member of (if it is a participating organization), the community you live in (if it is in the list of communities DCU Credit is serving).

DCU Credit members are also assured of the security of their investments since each savings account is insured by the National Credit Union Association to up to $250,000. Even retirement accounts are insured with the same amount for each member.

DCU Credit members enjoy a wide range of benefits and financial services ranging from loans, savings/checking accounts, investments, insurance, to realty. Members are provided with these services in low rates, easy terms, high dividends, and convenient ways.

DCU Credit offers personal loans, mortgage and home equity loans, and credit card services to all its members. It also offers regular savings and checking accounts, certificates of deposit, retirement accounts, money market accounts, HSA checking accounts, education savings accounts, and trust accounts. It even has a program to encourage children and young adults to save up. Members planning to build their own businesses can also take advantage of DCU’s business lending program with flexible line of credit, equity term loans, commercial and construction mortgages, and business savings and checking accounts and credit cards. Members who wish to have more investment choices can also use DCU’s Financial Services that offer financial planning, investment services, and insurance. DCU Credit employs financial experts that will help you plan for your retirement and your children’s education through estate, asset, and trust management services. You can also choose to put your money in mutual funds, annuities, stocks, and bonds. If you wish to get insurance, DCU Credit offers short-term and long-term insurance services in case of accidents or just to give your family a cushion to fall on in the future.


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