Dallas Credit Union

Dallas Credit Union is a financial services company that offers a full range of savings and lending products.

It is the city of Dallas credit union that primarily serves the Downtown Dallas community, namely: Downtown, Deep Ellum, Lowest Greenville, Uptown, Knox-Henderson and Parkland/Southwestern Medical Center.

Established in 1948 under the name Dallas Region Centennial Federal Credit Union, it has expanded in 2002 and has been known since as Dallas Credit Union. To be eligible for membership, a person must belong to any one of the following categories:
o Lives, works, attends school or church in the Downtown Dallas area;
o Must be an immediate relative of a current member;
o Work for one of the Qualifying Employee Groups identified by the union. A list is provided by Dallas Credit Union.

It currently operates two downtown location branches for the convenience of its customers manned by a dedicated management team and its staff. It also has a website where members can carry out banking services at the convenience of their homes. Dallas Credit Union's current asset size is $41 million with 55 services and products.

Dallas Credit Union Services

Savings and Checking accounts

Those eligible for membership need only $25 to open a Savings account with Dallas Credit Union. It is also the minimum amount balance to maintain. Once a savings account has been opened, the member is qualified to apply for the other products offered by the union.

Checking accounts

Members who will open a checking account will have option to choose the type of checking account that will suit their needs. The checking account usually comes with a Free Mastercard debit card. The member will also enjoy the benefits of online banking.

Investment Accounts

Members may also choose to grow their money with Dallas Credit Union by opening low-risk investment account options for Retirement and/or Money Market .

Loans and Credit cards

As a full service financial institution, Dallas Credit Union also offers unsecured Personal Loans with low APRs. A Home Mortgage, Improvement & Equity Loan is also available with competitive fixed or variable interest rates and fees. Members can also apply for a Mastercard credit card.

Auto Loans

Dallas Credit Union also offers auto loans to members who are planning to buy new or used vehicles such as autos, boats, motorcycles or RVs. Term of loan can be as short as 24 months or as long as 72 months depending on the type of vehicle being loaned.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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