Dade County Federal Credit Union

Businesses located in, and residents, who live, work, worship or attend school in the Miami-Dade County, Florida are eligible to join Dade County Federal Credit Union (DCFCU).

In addition, anyone (and their family members) who works for one of DCFCU’s member groups can also join. DCFCU was established in 1939 and has its roots in the workforce of Miami-Dade. They see themselves as a community financial institution, always looking for ways to offer good deals and the latest products to their members.

Dade County Federal Credit Union offers the full range of banking and financial products and claims to be the best place for an auto loan in the state. This is a specialist service they offer, not just on new but also on second-hand automobiles and trucks. If you already have a car loan, it may be worth checking out DCFCU’s refinancing offer, they will refinance your car at 1% less than your current rate, subject to credit checking and with a minimum loan rate of 3.99% APR. Other loans are available, including house equity loans and personal loans which start at 9.49% APR.

If you have a checking account with Dade County Federal Credit Union, then you will receive a DCFCU Visa check card. This is not a credit card, but allows you to pay for goods and services, or withdraw cash from an ATM, as long as you have money in your account. This is a free service; as long as the ATM accepts your type of card you will not be charged. The checking account they offer is the “Better-than-Free” checking account, whereby there are no monthly charges, free online bill paying, and online banking, unlimited check writing, and no check fees, you just pay for the checkbook. There is no minimum balance required, and you get discounts on Dade County Federal Credit Union’s Consumer Loan Rates.

A particular service of interest to those struggling with their finances is Dade County Federal Credit Union‘s “BalanceTrack”, an online personal finance education center. It allows you to find out about every aspect of personal finance, with interactive quizzes to check your knowledge. In addition, you have access to a certified finance counselor through their BALANCE link, on a toll free number. They can answer simple queries immediately, but for more complex issues such as debt consolidation or budget management, they will schedule a personal appointment. They may suggest that you consider a Debt Management Plan to deal with paying debts off quickly at reduced, or no interest. Financial education is free of charge to Dade County Federal Credit Union members.


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