Cornerstone Credit

Cornerstone Credit Union is one of the oldest and most established credit unions in the United States.

Dating back to 1939, Cornerstone started under the name Micro Switch Employees’ Credit Union, an exclusive credit union for employees of Micro Switch. In the span of over 40 years, Cornerstone Credit Union has grown into a community-serving union with more than 13,000 members in seven counties in the northwestern part of Illinois. Cornerstone has branches in Freeport and Sterling. It also has 4 ATM locations: two in Freeport, one in Sterling, and one more in Morrison.

Today, Cornerstone Credit Union remains a central force in the financial life of its members. With the wide range of services it offers, Cornerstone has definitely set the bar in credit union growth. Some of the main financial products offered by the organization include savings accounts, checking accounts, insurance services, investments, and loans. With as little as $25, a member can now have a savings account with Cornerstone Credit. This opens huge doors of opportunity for better investments including certificates and money markets. Cornerstone has two types of checking accounts: Basic Checking and Checking Plus. It also offers ATM and debit cards from Visa. Insurance services from Cornerstone include homeowner insurance, car insurance, and lifetime insurance. Investment services, on the other hand, can come in brokerage services or other types. Cornerstone Credit Union also offers tax preparation services.

Cornerstone’s other services include loans to businesses and individuals. This can help them pay for vehicles, their homes, and their bills. In fact, Cornerstone Credit Union has two credit cards that their members can choose from, the Cornerstone Maximum Rewards Visa, and the Cornerstone Platinum Edition Visa. All Cornerstone Credit Cards offer free online account management systems that allow cardholders to view and manage their accounts and, of course, all the benefits from Visa. These include zero liability for unauthorized purchases, safety from identity theft, protection for lost or damaged purchases, extended warranty for purchases, and emergency assistance during travel. Both Cornerstone Credit Cards do not have monthly or annual fees.

The Maximum Rewards Platinum Edition Visa Card is the first credit card from Cornerstone. It offers a rewards program that lets the cardholder earn points for every dollar spent on qualifying purchases. This Cornerstone credit card also offers a purchase and balance transfer APR ranging from 13.99% to 19.99%. It has a cash advance feature that comes with an APR of 25.24%.

The second personal credit card from Cornerstone is the Platinum Edition Visa Card. It offers one of the lowest interest rates with an APR that can range from 9.99% to 16.99% both for purchases and balance transfers. For cash advances, the rate remains at 25.24%.

All Cornerstone Credit Cards are issued by First Bankcard of First National Bank of Omaha.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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