Commonwealth Central Credit Union

The Commonwealth Central Credit Union or CCCU is a state based headquarters located at San Jose California and operates four of its branches in California.

This credit union is ranked 86th in terms of size compared to other credit unions in California and is considered as the 564th biggest credit union in the whole of the United States.

The idea of creating the Commonwealth Central Credit Union was established by Frank and Grace Coombs in December of 1958. They converted their humble garage into what is now the first branch of the union. The credit union stayed and operated in that place for a good 13 years before moving on to a much bigger facility.

CCCU lives and stands by three guiding principles which are: dependence, reliability and local pride. The Commonwealth Central Credit Union initially reached out to working class families living in the district of Santa Clara, providing them financial assistance and advice.

The Commonwealth Central Credit Union offers a full array of monetary and financial services in all their 4 local branches spread out in the state of California. There are many benefits that can be gained from being a member of CCCU. For one, the Commonwealth Central Credit Union operates fee-free ATM, which is particularly beneficial and convenient to those who has to constantly make cash transactions.

Do you feel that credit unions treat their members and clients indifferently? Then consider Commonwealth Central Credit Union. It is far different than most financial institutions in that every member is given fair treatment and each is assured of utmost security. The union arranges set passwords for you, prior to you transacting with a teller. Commonwealth Central Credit Union also offers online banking, which has been proven to be favorable and popular among existing members.

If you are considering joining the union then there are several ways to become one. One of the ways to become a member is that you must show proof that you either reside or work in Santa Clara County. Another way is if you are a relative of a current member of the union or an employee of a participating Commonwealth member company.

If you require monetary assistance to help you manage your business, you can count on Commonwealth Central Credit Union to help you. The union can extend you low interest business loans that are quick to be approved and released, which can significantly help you manage your overhead and other related expenses.


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