CoastHills Federal Credit Union

Membership of CoastHills Federal Credit Union is open to the people who live, worship, attend school or go to work in the Central Coast community.


This includes San Luis Obispo and North Santa Barbara counties. Immediate family or a household member of a credit union member is also eligible, as too are volunteers within the community and organizations of the eligible members. CoastHills Federal Credit Union has eleven branches and 15 ATM locations. By partnering with the CO-OP network members can use any ATM in that network nationwide.

Checking Accounts and Services

There are 3 main checking account types at CoastHills Federal Credit Union; Ready Checking, ReadyPlus Checking and SuperReady Checking, each with specific benefits, based on account balance and management. ReadyPlus earns APY at 0.05% and SuperReady at 2% on balances up to $25,000. CoastHills ATM’s access are free for all accounts, and the monthly service fee of $5 can be avoided if customers make 10 payments per month, using their debit card, deposit at least $100 per month, move to paperless statements and maintain a valid e mail address. Other customers exempt from fees are those under 25 or those who serve in the armed forces. Of special interest to those with bad credit is CoastHills Federal Credit Union’s special checking account called 2nd Chance, aimed at those customers with poor credit. It has a $10 monthly service fee, free overdraft protection on an approved line of credit, unlimited check writing and the chance to convert to CoastHills other checking accounts after one year with no overdrawn fees.

Credit Cards

CoastHills Federal Credit Union offers two Visa credit cards, the VISA® Classic which has an interest rate of 13% APR, with no cash advance fee at CoastHills locations, no annual fee, no balance transfer fee, 25 days interest grace period on purchases and low monthly minimum payment requirements. The other card offered is, the Platinum Plus VISA with Rewards which has an interest rate of 8.25% APR, the same benefits as the classic, but, in addition, offers a rewards program allowing customers to earn points towards gifts and travel. These rates are subject to credit checks at the time of application and may vary. The best solution for customers with poor credit is to apply for a CoastHills Federal Credit Union 2nd Chance checking account; run it for a year, and then apply for an account with a debit card, then a Visa classic credit card a few months later, when they have shown they can manage their finances sensibly.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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