Cinfed Credit Union

Eligibility and Overview

Cinfed Credit Union started as a union for all federal employees of Cincinatti and subsequently expanded to include family members of all federal employees. They have since merged with two other credit unions, and now Cinfed Credit Union membership is open to all Hamilton County employees and most Federal employees in Cincinatti. In addition, there are a number of employer groups in the Northern Kentucky and Cincinatti area whose employees are also eligible for membership. For a full list, contact Cinfed Credit Union, check their website or check with your employer. Family members, whether related by blood or marriage are also eligible for membership as to are retirees of their employer groups.

Home Banking

Cinfed Credit Union has a range of free checking accounts, with no account fee, a free Visa card and unlimited access to ATM's, plus 50 free checks to get you started. An excellent feature of Cinfed is the online study course in responsible banking that they offer, called Get in Balance, which educates a new customer in all there is to know about using finance wisely. They will direct new clients they believe would benefit from this education, to this course, at the end of which there is an exam to be taken. The results of this exam will then be submitted, and their client manager will assess the results before accepting an application to offer checking and credit services. Cinfed Online, is their free online banking and bill pay service, with 24 hour support by phone for bill pay.

Credit cards

Their credit cards have no annual fee, and incredibly, no cash advance fee or foreign transaction fee, which is unusual. Their late payment and return payment fees are not a 5 but a flat rate of $25. They offer four credit cards, Visa Platinum, APR 8.9%, Visa Gold, APR 13.9%, Visa Classic, APR 15.9%, and MasterCard APR 15.9%. All cards are part of their Cinfed Union Rewards Scheme, whereby you collect points each time you use the card and can then redeem these for gifts and merchandise. You can also view your credit card information online as part of their online banking service. Cinfed Credit Union has links with a nonprofit financial counseling service called Trinity Debt management, which is where they refer clients who are experiencing financial difficulty.They are also part of a program called On Your Way, aimed at Generation Y customers. This is a mixture of advice, news and competitions, including products for home loans, car loans, checking services and credit services. Cinfed Credit Card reviews show that they are excellent at making all their charges up front, clear and easy to understand, and their credit cards are amongst the best in the market for fees.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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