CDC Federal Credit Union

The CDC Federal Credit Union is a coalition of finance organizations and is composed of several federal, state and local government credit unions.

Among the many offerings of the CDC credit union is home banking via their website. They also have phone banking where their phone systems are equipped with audio response facilities, allowing members to easily access their ATM and bank accounts.

The union started in the year 1949, with the memories of the Great Depression still fresh in the minds of many American workers. The CDC Federal Credit Union was initially chartered by a small group of workers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Today the CDC Federal Credit Union is considered as a full service financial establishment, offering services for those who are living, working or attending school at Dekalb, Fulton or Gwinnet countries.

The CDC Federal Credit Union aside from serving the community and the employees of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, also helps and serves the workforce of hundreds of organizations such as the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and the American Cancer Society.

Every institution has its own set of mission and vision. CDC Federal Credit Union's goals in particular say a lot about their commitment to helping members achieve financial independence and wealth.

The CDC Federal Credit Union's primary vision is to see a world where people through financial education and assistance will be able to attain the type of lifestyle that they want and deserve. The union religiously adheres to its core values of exemplary, integrity, leadership, respect and reliability. Ultimately the organization desires to build life-long meaningful relationships with all of its members and customers.

The CDC Federal Credit Union offers a wide array of products and services that are designed to meet the financial wants and needs of their members and customers. You can also be able to find in this organization the same types of services that any typical bank offers. However, what sets the CDC Federal Credit Union apart from traditional finance institutions is that they charge lower interests in their loans, offer high interests in deposits and require fewer transaction fees.

Since it is a credit union, it is owned and governed by its members. It is in essence funded by member funds. The people at CDC Federal Credit Union all strive to help members and customers achieve monetary independence and obtain a decent and respectable standard of living.


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