BECU Credit Card

As one of Washington’s leading and largest credit unions, Boeing Employees Credit Union (BECU) serves over 624,000 members with a variety of financial services from banking to loans and credit card application.  

To give members better banking options, the BECU Visa is now available. Here’s what you need to know about the BECU credit card.

This BECU credit card offers a 6.9% to 18% APR which is relatively lower than that of other cards. The features and benefits of the BECU credit card include cash advances at ATMS around the world, extended warranties on purchases, a worldwide travel accident insurance, an auto rental insurance, a travel and emergency assistance program, online banking options, and a 25-day grace period on purchases. If your new balance is paid by the due date, no finance charge will be imposed on new purchases. However, when the new balance includes purchases that remain unpaid by the payment due date, a finance charge will be paid. Take note of the BECU credit card fees for late payment ($25), returned check ($25), and failed automatic payment ($25). For cash advances, a 2% of the advanced amount will be paid. As an added incentive, the BECU credit card has no annual fee. Their method of computing the balance even for new purchases is the Average Daily Balance.

As additional options, you can choose to add a security program, a rewards program, and a loan payment protection program to your BECU credit card. The BECU Rewards program allows you to earn points for rewards like travel, dining, entertainment, charities, gift cards, and even merchandise like electronics and jewelry. The BECU credit card protect program, on the other hand, is a free security program that adds verification and protection for purchases done online. The Loan Payment Protection Program helps you handle loan payment with its package options that include life, disability, and involuntary unemployment. The cost of this insurance-like program is based on the package you choose and your outstanding credit card balance every month. For a BECU Rewards Option, an annual participation rate of $25.00 is required.

The BECU credit card is very helpful especially to those who want to move out of high-interest-rate cards. Although the approval of your application will still depend on your credit score, the application process is a lot easier. You can even do it online. Just make sure to read and understand fully the terms and conditions that come with your BECU credit card.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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