Third Party Credit Card

According to reports, business sales increase significantly once merchants accept credit cards as payment options.
With the boost of online selling, merchants are becoming more and more dependent on credit cards. However, internet merchant accounts are a big risk for companies, especially the small and new ones. Aside from being expensive and hard to obtain, security risks are also involved since only credit card numbers are given and no physical transaction is done. A good alternative to internet merchant accounts are third party credit card processors that are much cheaper and more user-friendly.

What is a third party credit card processor and how does it work? A third party credit card processor is a service that allows merchants to accept credit cards without the need for an internet merchant account. To access this type of service, one just needs to sign-up for a new account. Most third party credit card processors even feature an affiliate program that can promote businesses and products. Some of them also add a shopping cart application to enhance product or service promotion. Though exact services of third party credit card processors vary with price and added features, they still save start-up businesses from the humongous costs of starting a business online.

Since most third party credit card processors solely target small-scale businesses, they often impose restrictions and limitations in their services. Restrictions of third party credit card processors include monthly limitations on sales or amounts that can be received. Most of them only allow up to USD1000 to be sent or received monthly. Some third party credit card processors also take a percentage of the cost of the product, require monthly fees, and charge additional costs for fraud protection and others. So before using third party credit card processors, make sure to read all terms and conditions carefully.

Once your business starts to pick-up speed, it is recommended that you purchase an internet merchant account immediately. The flaw of third party credit card processors is the huge payments that clients pay in the long run. Once you have the budget, switch to an internet merchant account. It is more cost-effective especially to businesses that earn over USD700 per month.

Examples of third party credit card processors are PayPal, MoneyBookers, Clickbank, Propay, CCNow, CCBill, and Kagi. Most of them are now available in more than 50 countries and accept at least two monetary units, making them useful for starting businesses in developing countries.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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