Credit Card CW Number

What is the CW Number?

How does it affect your life as a credit card holder? The credit card CW or CVV number stands for Card Verification Value. It is also known as the Card Code Verification (CCV), the Card Verification Code (CVC), the Verification Code (V Code), or the Card Verification Value Code (CVVC) depending on the credit card company. It is an added security and authentication feature of credit cards and debit cards to further protect cardholders against credit card fraud.

The credit card CW number differs with MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. The credit card CW number for American Express credit cards consists of four digits printed at right part of the front area of the card. For Visa, MasterCard, Diner’s Club, JCB, and Discover, the credit card CW number is a three-digit code located at the back of the credit card. It usually comes after the credit card number at the right of the signature strip. MasterCard calls it the Card Validation Code (CVC2). It is the Card Verification Value (CVV2) for Visa cards, the Card Identification number (CID2) for Discover cards, and the Unique Card Code (CID) for American Express cards.

How does the credit card CW number prevent fraud? The credit card CW number works when a cardholder is required to enter it during “card not present“ transactions or those made online or by phone. This helps the company verify that the credit card is really on the hand of the consumer placing the order. Since the Credit card CW number is not on the card’s magnetic stripe, it’s not usually included in credit card transactions that are made “face to face”. This provides the consumer another level of protection since it will prevent phony merchants from using the credit card details on the magnetic strip to make “card not present” transactions. Without the credit card CW number, no transaction is complete so consumers are more secure of their safety.

Though it serves as an added protection against fraud, the credit card CW number still can’t protect consumers against phishing scams or situations where a credit card holder is deceived into typing his/her details including the credit card CW number through fraudulent sites. It also does not guarantee to protect cardholders from scammers who already have their credit card numbers and just want to trap them into giving their CW number. Since not all card issuers print the credit card CW number, the credit cards of those that do not are more likely to undergo a more severe screening for fraud and if they do experience fraudulent transactions, the verdict will most probably be in favor of the consumer.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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