Credit Card Balance Checker

When you need information about your credit card balance immediately, it is impractical to wait for your credit card statement.
For this reason, most credit card companies offer their own online credit card balance checker. This service is usually included in the online services given to their clients. Each client should have a username and password to log-in to his/her online account. This account allows the customer to make transactions and check their credit card balance online.

Upon receipt of the card, a cardholder is usually advised to register his/her credit card online. This process is as simple as creating an email account where personal information including a username and password are requested. Upon completion, the costumer will just wait for the credit card company’s activation and will be ready to access the features of the site including its credit card balance checker.

How do you access your credit card balance checker? You first need go to the website of your credit card issuer. Simply googling the company’s name may not be safe enough. What you should do is check the website at the back of your credit card statement. You can ensure the security of the site by the address. A URL in “https” instead of “http” indicates a secure website. The next step is to log-in to your account using the username and password that you chose during the registration of your card. The page that you enter after logging-in will give a summary of the activities that you have done with your credit card recently. At the bottom of the page, you should see both your current and outstanding credit card balance. If this is not the case, a tab or an icon is usually present for checking your balance. All major card companies offer a credit card balance checker with their online account services. One that does not do so is practically useless.

What every consumer should remember is that you can never trust any third party company that offers a credit card balance checker because this information should only be accessed by you and your credit card issuer. Any other party given authority to see this valuable information decreases the safety of your account. E-mails that claim to send you to your credit card’s website should always be ignored. Links that appear in these emails usually lead to fraudulent websites that aim to steal your credit card information. Only the legitimate website of your credit card company will offer a credit card balance checker. If you fail to access your account online, give the customer service department of your card issuer a call immediately.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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