The RSC Debit Card

The RSC Debit card is a MasterCard Debit card available to Rose State College students as part of their first steps in financial management and ultimately, financial independence.

With the RSC card, a student can open a One Account, a free checking account, and make secure purchases worldwide wherever a Debit MasterCard is accepted. This is not a credit card; the rsc card is a debit card, and Rose State College students pre-qualify for one as part of their enrollment benefits. They have the added security attached to MasterCard® Zero Liability policy; you are covered when you make signature based purchases with the RSC Debit Card.

The One Account

The One account features Internet home banking, 24/7 access, online bill payment and withdrawal and transfer of funds capability. With this account, no monthly fees are charged, there is no minimum balance and a checkbook can be ordered online. Despite all the features of Internet banking sometimes you need a check; paying the rent is an example. All transactions made on the RSC card are easy to see on the online statements, so students can track their spending.

Easy Refunds

The most significant feature of the RSC Debit card for a student is the easy refunds aspect. Previously, when a student wanted their university funds to be released it meant queuing around the block, a lot of paperwork and some anxious times, if there were administrative delays. As the RSC Debit card is also a student ID card, with the easy refund system, the money is deposited directly into the students account as soon as the university receives it, making it a smooth process for both parties. Parents can also send money to their students easily, logging onto the website they can send the money electronically directly and swiftly to the student.

Sensible Financial Management

Part of the rationale behind combining an ID card and a debit card was to enable students to develop financial skills with transparent information and support from financial training tools. A feature of the One Account is the links to financial tutorials aimed at educating students in money management. The focus is on achieving a totally free checking account, by only using the free ATMs, using the RSC Debit card as a swipe and sign card, thus avoiding transaction fees and ensuring the zero liability security for the transaction. There are guidelines on how to budget and keep an eye on the account balances. Text alerts will tell the student when they are close to a zero balance, or money has been deposited. The RSC card together with the One Account is smart, high tech banking.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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