Rogue Debit Card

The Rogue Debit Card program is a financial service partnership between Rogue Community College (RCC) and Higher One, a technology and financial services company.

The Rogue Debit Card is the official refund disbursement debit card offered for free to students of RCC who receives a financial aid award letter in the form of college grants, aids and scholarships from different institutions.

The Rogue Debit Card provides convenience and ease of use to pay college tuition, school miscellaneous fees, and in making purchases within and outside campus. With the Rogue Debit Card, students have more options how to receive refunds which makes money easily accessible. With its online account, students will be able to track their refunds payments and purchases at their convenience.

How does a Rogue Debit Card work?

Upon receipt of the Rogue Debit card which is powered by Mastercard, the student must register via the online account and set-up his preferred refund choices. The Rogue Debit card offers 2 options, whether to receive the refund through 'Easy Refund' which is a checking account that comes with the Debit card and the other is to receive by depositing the money in a designated bank account, called ACH Transfer. It is recommended to choose the Easy Refund as the money will be immediately available to the student once a refund is received. Once the preferences are setup and funds are available in the account, the Rogue Debit Card is ready to use. Basically, the function of a Rogue Debit Card is to make money accessible to students anytime that they might need it to pay for school obligations, fees, and purchases online and other locations where Mastercard Debit card is accepted.

Benefits of a Rogue Debit Card

The Rogue Debit card is packed with benefits that keep the interest of students in mind. It comes with a 'One Account' checking account with mobile banking features, no monthly fees, no minimum balance requirement and cash back rewards. With this account, the account holder will be able to pay bills online, do a direct deposit, transfer money to another account and request to send money from another account. With the power of Mastercard, the Rogue Debit card becomes the safer choice to pay for purchases rather than carrying lots of cash in and around the campus. It will be easier to track the funds that are coming in and the money that is spent for purchases made, hence enabling the student to plan and budget his finances.

Parents also benefit from the Rogue Debit Card because it makes it more convenient to send money to their child when unforeseen expenses happen in the campus. After setting up the funding account information in the students' OneAccount, they can easily transfer the funds electronically where it will be directly deposited so the money is safe and is received almost immediately. The student will also be able to request to send money from the funding account.


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