Macomb Debit Card

Macomb Debit Card exemplifies financial innovation at its best.

It is a prepaid debit card exclusive to students, faculty, and staff of Macomb Community College. A Macomb Debit Card allows students ease in receiving their financial aid, grants, and refunds. Faculty and staff receive their salaries on the day of its release. The Macomb Debit Card has many other features commonly associated with financial institutions.

The Macomb Debit Card was launched on September 1, 2009 through the Higher One program. The program provides students ease, flexibility, and an array of choices to start them on the road to financial responsibility.

Higher One Program

Higher One is Macomb Community College's partner for its groundbreaking Macomb Debit Card. With the debit card, students and other members of the Macomb Community College can open a free personal checking account insured with the FDIC - the OneAccount. With this account, students simplify their banking, track their spending, and become responsible for their finances; since checks are the most preferred payment for rent and other typical student expenditures.

OneAccount presents the following advantages:

o No PIN fee, no monthly service fees and no minimum balance requirement
o Deposits can be made easily with electronic transfers from any other bank account and from a computer
o Online banking 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
o Track transactions easily through a detailed on-line statement
o Ease in ordering checks at
o Extreme ease in receiving refunds and financial aids deposited directly to the One Account on the same day of its availability
o OneAccount has mobile banking features
o Up to 50% cash back with the OneRewards Program
o The website features a 'Money 101 Financial Toolkit'

With the OneAccount and the Macomb Debit Card, students can pre-authorize automatic payment of recurring bills such as those for cell phone, cable TV, utilities, and more. With this feature, students are able to effectively budget their money to ensure that bills are paid on time. OneAccount and Macomb Debit Card conserves the time of student so that this can be used in more productive and pressing endeavors such as studying.

OneAccount's 'EasyHelp' feature allows immediate and interactive online answers to queries by students and all Macomb Debit Card holders. EasyHelp is available at all times at the Macomb Debit Card website. Parents are encouraged to use this feature to know more about Macomb Debit Card and to find answers for their own questions.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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