Petro-Canada Credit Card

Petro-Canada, one of the biggest oil brands and gas stations in Canada, offers two distinctive credit cards to its consumers: the Petro-Canada Personal Credit Card and the Citi Petro-Points MasterCard with PayPass.

Intended for personal use, each Petro-Canada credit card is designed to meet the needs of consumers through its features, rewards, and rates.

The basic personal credit card from Petro-Canada is the Petro-Canada Personal Credit Card. Issued by Citibank, this credit card is accepted at all Petro-Canada pump stations and convenience stores and Certigard Car Repair Centres nationwide. It also features a rewards program that allows the cardholder to earn Petro-PointsTM every time the Petro-Canada credit card is used for buying gas. 10,000 bonus points is given for the first ten purchases charged on the card. For the following purchases, Petro-Points will be given for every dollar charged on the card. The Petro-Canada credit card also offers monthly statements that allow the cardholder to track all expenses including gas. Requesting for additional cards is also not a problem since they’re free. Being from Citibank, this Petro-Canada credit card features the Citi™1Identity Theft Solutions, which gives the owner zero liability on fraudulent activity made under his/her account.

The annual interest rate for this Petro-Canada credit card is 28.88% with a grace period of 25 days. Other fees include a cash advance fee of 1% of the amount (minimum of $2.75 and maximum of $10) and a returned check fee of $25 for each check ($10 for residents of Quebec). When a Petro-Canada credit card holder requests for copies of account statements or sales drafts in the past, a $2 copy fee will be charged. There is no annual fee for this card.

Another personal credit card from Petro-Canada is the Citi Petro-Points MasterCard with PayPass. Aside from the zero annual fee, this Petro-Canada credit card allows the cardholder to collect Petro-PointsTM not just for gas purchases but for other expenses as well. Petro-Points are given for every $1 spent on all types of purchases at participating retail stores. As a welcome gift, 2,000 bonus points are given on the first purchase made on the card. With the PayPass feature, a Petro-Canada credit card holder will just need to tap his card on the reader and is good to go. A $0.02 rebate is also given per liter every time the card is used to pay for diesel fuel or gasoline. When a cardholder transfers balances to this Petro-Canada credit card, an introductory annual interest rate of 4.9% will be given for the first six months.

You can apply for a Petro-Canada credit card online or my mail. Just visit a Petro-Canada station near you.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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