PC Financial Credit Card

It seems like a good idea to get a PC Financial Credit Card thanks to its many benefits and security.
Issued by President’s Choice Bank that has 2.1 million customers, memberships at Canadian Bankers Association and Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation, and a top rank customer service and satisfaction given by J.D. Power and Associates, PC Financial Credit Card excels above all with no annual fees attached. What’s more, there are added premium benefits with this.

Applying for a PC Financial Credit Card is very simple. As mentioned before, services are offered via the Internet, so the fastest way is to get an application right at your fingertips. Fill out and submit the application form online, wait for two to three weeks, and receive your card, along with the Certificate of Insurance, Cardholder Agreement, and the Benefits Guide to help and guide you to reap the fullest benefits from it. You can also opt to apply for a low cost insurance known as the Account Balance Protection Insurance for insured payments and Card Registry service lest you lose your wallet.

Other benefits you could get from the PC Financial Credit Card, despite the fact that there are no annual fees, are near to the ground balance transfer rates, easy PC points earning, purchase assurance, and extended warranty. It can be used virtually anywhere, from dining, to shopping, to traveling, and more, since it is accepted at 543,000 outlets all over the world, which includes banks, restaurants, stores, currency exchange places, and more. You can use it wherever you see the Cirrus, Maestro, or MasterCard symbols.

Since PC Financial Credit Card is mostly Internet-based, there are so many services offered online. You can access your e-statements online, which is basically the same as the printed monthly statement, only that there are more details included in it. You can check a variety of items here, such as the last 12 previous statements, account balance, available credit last payment amount, payment due date, PC points balance, recent transactions, and other statement information which are ready for download. You can also send requests like e-alerts and PIN change via the Internet.

With regard to PC Financial Credit Card points, you can earn them at many participating stores, especially where PC products are available, emailed offers from PC Financial, and from the monthly statements that you receive. Once you gain 20,000 PC points, you can redeem them with an equivalent value of $20. The pointing system is so fast wherein you can exchange these with different items such as groceries, cosmetics, and home improvement products. You can also exchange them for online gift certificates or donate them to the charity. What’s more, PC points have no expiration, just as long as the account is in good shape.

PC Financial Credit Card is also powered with the technology of PayPass, which allows you to just tap your card at a PayPass terminal, grab your receipt, and off you go. Indeed, the PC Financial Credit Card, with zero annual fees, accessible online services, fast pointing system, and other benefits, makes dealing with credit cards a whole lot easier.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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