Enroute Credit Card

The Enroute credit card was Air Canada’s official credit card.

It is believed to have been created before 1978 since it was mentioned in an advertisement for Air Canada in the said year.

The Enroute credit card is also believed to have been used exclusively for Air Canada’s transactions at first. Over time, the card became a more multi-purpose credit card for frequent flyers, with wider acceptance including restaurants and hotels.

Believed features of the Enroute credit card included a detailed rundown of transactions and expenses which was sorting for a more convenient auditing. Then in 1989, it became the first card to offer cardholders the chance to earn Aeorplan miles with purchases charged on it.

After three years, the Enroute credit card brand was sold for $300 million to the Diner’s Club group. This further expanded the network of Enroute credit card holders since they were now allowed access to Diner’s Club networks. Cardholders of Diner’s Club Canada, on the other hand, were given the chance to earn Aeroplan miles. For several years following the sell, the Enroute credit card and other Diners Club cards were marketed as the Diner’s Club / Enroute credit card. Records of such credit card are scarce so features of the credit card are vague.

Today, after the acquisition of Diners Club by Citibank then by Discover, and then recently by the Bank of Montreal (BMO), tracing back the missing pages of the Enroute credit card remains a challenge. Records only show that after the acquisition by Discover Card in 2008, Diner’s Club credit card continued to be issued by licensees such as Citibank. In 2009, following the acquisition by BMO, the exclusive rights to the issuance of Diners Club credit cards were given to them. After a comprehensive online research, however, no Diners Club / Enroute credit card was found. The only evidence of its connection to Air Canada is the name of the airline’s in-flight magazine, enRoute.

To date, the credit card offered by Air Canada is the Aeroplan®. Known as the Aeroplan® World MasterCard®, this credit card offers Aeroplan® miles for every retail purchase charged on the card. For purchases and balance transfers made on the card, the Aeroplan® charges an 11.99% to 19.99% APR. For cash advances, it charges an APR of 24.24%. Other fees for the card include an annual fee of $60, a balance transfer and cash advance fee of 4% of the amount or $10, and a foreign transactions fee of 3% of the amount in US dollars.

Although no traces of the old Enroute credit card can be found in all its major issuers, a glimpse of what it may have offered can be seen from its descendant, the Aeroplan® World MasterCard.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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