Desjardins Credit Card

Desjardins is one of Canada’s biggest financial institutions offering a wide variety of services including credit cards.

As of press time, the company offers six Visa personal credit cards. The following paragraphs will give an overview of the low-interest Desjardins credit card: the Desjardins Modulo Gold Visa.

The Modulo Gold Visa offers an annual fixed interest rate of 9.9% (for purchases, cash advances, and checks), which is the lowest rate offered in Canada. Cash advances by equal installments and RRSP financing, however, are subject to a fixed annual interest rate of 19.9%. Other fees applied to this card include a $50 annual fee (plus $10 for each supplementary card) and a required minimum monthly payment of 3% of the amount or $10 (whichever is greater). This Desjardins credit card also offers a 21-day grace period for those who pay their bills without credit charges.

The main features of this Desjardins credit card include a rewards program, a payment holiday, insurance, an extended warranty, and a chip technology security. Each Desjardins credit card holder is allowed to earn points through the BonusDollars rewards program. Every purchase made on this Desjardins credit card gives the cardholder 1% of the amount spent. When accumulated, these points can be exchanged for travel discounts, gift cards, tickets to Desjardins exclusive events, and even charitable donations. A Desjardins credit card holder is also given a payment holiday that allows him/her to skip making the minimum payment two times per year. This feature, however, is only open to select cardholders, who will be contacted for this offer.

This Desjardins credit card also offers a 3-day travel insurance to a cardholder who is travelling within Canada or abroad. Those who wish to extend the coverage just need to give Desjardins a phone call. In case of auto rental damage or collision, a 48-day car insurance is also included. In case of accidental dismemberment or death, Desjardins credit card holders are also entitled to up to $125,000 worth of common carrier accident insurance.

Complimentary services exclusive to Desjardins credit card holders include a travel assistance service, zero liability in the event of unauthorized card use, and up to 20% discount at Hertz branches worldwide. Goods purchased through this Desjardins credit card are also given extended warranty (up to 1 year) and insurance of up to 90 days in case of damage, theft, or loss.

The Modulo Gold Visa offers up to $5,000 credit limit, which is the maximum amount that can be withdrawn for cash advances daily (without any transaction fee). Desjardins credit card holders also have the option to use a separate credit limit upon request through Accord D Desjardins financing.

Desjardins credit card holders who wish to manage their accounts online have the option to do so with Dejardins’ online Visa account. This allows a cardholder to receive monthly statements online and to make automatic bills payment.

An annual gross income of at least $35,000 is needed to get approval for this Desjardins credit card.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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