Avion Credit Card

The Avion credit card brand is RBC Royal Bank’s premier travel and rewards credit card. It is the must-have card for those who live to fly.

Not only does it offer premier travel benefits, it also gives the cardholder the chance to earn rewards points for every dollar charged to the card. RBC actually offers two personal Avion credit cards: the VISA Platinum Avion credit card and the VISA Infinite Avion credit card. Both cards are available to citizens and residents of Canada who meet the requirements imposed by RBC Royal Bank.

Both the VISA Platinum Avion and the VISA Infinite Avion offer a travel rewards program and a purchase and travel insurance to complete the package. Each Avion credit card is equipped with a purchase and extended warranty protection insurance and a travel insurance that covers travel accidents, flight delays, auto rental damage, hotel burglary, and emergency purchase. The VISA Infinite Avion, however, offers an added trip interruption insurance and emergency medical insurance for out-of-the-country emergencies.

The Avion credit card rewards program is also available to both Avion cards. This rewards program lets the cardholder earn 1 point for every Canadian dollar spent on the Avion credit card. These points can be accumulated and redeemed for flights on any airline company, gift certificates, and merchandise, depending on the cardholder’s choice. As an added bonus, both Avion credit cards offer 15,000 welcome points to new cardholders after the approval of their enrollment. However, this is just the beginning. An Avion credit card holder can also earn packaged holidays, hotel accommodations, car rentals, tours, and cruises courtesy of the Avion credit card Rewards Program. For carriers of the VISA Platinum Avion, earned rewards points can be exchanged for Asia or BA Miles and Esso Extra points. For VISA Infinite Avion cardholders, RBC adds 25% more points every time an Infinite Avion credit card is used to pay for travel purchases. Moreover, they have access to a concierge service, get exclusive deals for hotel and dining, and earn membership in TabletPlus and Zagat.

Fees for the VISA Platinum Avion credit card and the VISA Infinite Avion credit card include an annual interest rate of 19.5%, an annual fee of $120, and an additional card fee of $50. Both cards give a 17-day grace period. The VISA Platinum Avion offers a minimum credit limit of $1000 and requires a minimum annual income of $15000. The VISA Infinite Avion, on the other hand, offers at least a $5000 credit limit and requires a minimum yearly income of $60000.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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