Suntrust Bank Credit Card

Suntrust Bank is one of the leading personal financial institutions in the United States with over 1,600 branches and 2,800 ATMs nationwide.

Primarily located in D.C., North Carolina, Florida, Maryland, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Virginia, Suntrust Bank offers wealth management, loans, investments, and credit card services. Suntrust has three credit cards that are in partnership with Visa including: the Suntrust Visa Signature with Rewards, the Suntrust Platinum Visa, and the Suntrust Platinum Visa with Rewards card. Each Suntrust Bank credit card comes with an online account management service and the benefits of being from Visa. A Suntrust Bank credit card is fully equipped with Visa’s zero liability program for fraudulent or unauthorized card activities and an optional Overdraft Protection Service for the cardholder’s checking account with Suntrust.

The Suntrust Bank credit card designed for people who want low-interests on purchases and balance transfers is the Suntrust Platinum Visa. This card offers a purchase and balance transfer APR of a variable rate of 15.99%. A fee of 3% of the amount or $10 minimum (and $75 maximum for the first six months) will also apply for balance transfers. This Suntrust Bank credit card also gives a grace period of 20 days. When it comes to cash advances, the APR is a variable 19.99% with a transaction fee of 4% of the amount or at least $10.

Other interests that apply to this Suntrust Bank credit card include the foreign currency transaction fee of 3% and a few penalty fees including a default APR of 27.24% and an over-the-limit fee of $39. The late payment fee is $29 if the balance due is below $250 and $39 if the balance is beyond $250. Cardholders of this Suntrust Bank credit card should also take note that the minimum monthly payment required is 2% of the new balance plus any amount over the credit limit or past due. It can also be finance and other charges plus 1% of the current balance.

As an introductory promo, this Suntrust Bank credit card offers 0% APR on purchases for the first six billing cycles after account opening. Another 0% APR for six months is given to balance transfers that were made within three months after opening the account. Plus, it doesn’t have an annual fee.

Other features offered by this Suntrust Bank credit card include the Visa payWave service and other perks that are exclusive to Visa Platinum cardholders. When the card is used to purchase plane tickets, hotel accommodations, or car rentals, automatic benefits include travel, concierge, and emergency assistance services during travel, travel accident insurance, and a car rental collision damage waiver.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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