Smith Barney Credit Card

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC is a financial management firm that has full-fledged registrations as a broker and dealer and investment advisor.
It offers various services ranging from trading equities to banking and cash management. Among the latter services is the Smith Barney Credit Card. This company offers three Citibank-issued credit card plans.

The first is the Citi PremierPass Card - Smith Barney Elite Level. This credit card entitles you to Citibank’s rewards program called the ThankYou Network. This no-fee reward system has been popular among current users. The card benefits include frequent flier mile points - one point for every mile flown, on any airline; $1 is to 2 point ratio for card usage in buying transactions; travel services from assistance to car rental insurances.

The second Smith Barney Credit Card plan is through the Citi Chairman American Express Card. This is preferable for jet-setters and business people who frequently transact internationally. Its benefits include airport lounge exclusive access; free upgrades and discounts from travel amenities; faster and unlimited ThankYou point earning - 1 point is to 1 mile flown and 1 point is to $1 spent; private-jet riding opportunities.

And the last one is the Smith Barney Platinum Select MasterCard. This special Smith Barney Credit Card boasts of full 1% cash back on purchases you make from its eligible partners. The cash back earning is also unlimited and has no annual fee. However, this card is limited to an account for personal use. No big business transactions may be operated through this credit card.

Except for the Citi Chairman card, you can apply to the other Smith Barney Credit Card plans through their online website or via 1-800 numbers also provided in the website. Again, these two card plans offer customer service desks available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additional terms and conditions would be presented upon credit approval.

The Citi Chairman card could be inquired through Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC Financial Advisors. Special rules and conditions apply to this credit card plan due to the multiple affiliations of this privilege card, plus this is offered to large-scale credit accounts.

Moreover, the Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC guides your way through providing you with a Financial Advisor upon signing up in their website. This company provides investment advices like credit accounts capability. They also direct your way upon opening up an account. They could safeguard the approval and monitoring of your accounts through verification and regulation of your account information. On the other hand, the Citigroup Global Markets Inc. or CGMI has the main responsibility for clearing and settling your credit card transactions. But then again, these two companies could funnel your account from any of the Smith Barney Credit Card plans.

Before purchasing any of the Smith Barney Credit Card plans, search for customer threads posted in different forums, blogs and review sites. The card holders give efficient tips on the real status of the ThankYou reward points, and how and when you can redeem them.


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