Simmons Bank Credit Card

First Simmons National Bank is an Arkansas based community bank with 80 branches spread out across the state.
The company started its operations in 1903 and is still going strong, with plans afoot for further expansion in key areas and industries. First Simmons offers a complete range of banking services and products to both individual and corporate customers. The bank has extensive business exposure in consumer services (credit cards, student loans, and personal loans), real estate (mortgage, commercial complexes, residential), bank instruments (deposits, checking accounts), portfolio and wealth management.
First Simmons National Bank is also a publicly-listed company, with company shares being actively traded in NASDAQ.
Simmons Bank Credit Card is but one of the many products and instruments that First Simmons National Bank promotes and carries. The bank currently has two credit card offerings which are the following:
1) Simmons First Visa Platinum - This limited edition Simmons Bank Credit Card boasts of having one of the lowest APR rates in the country (variable APR 7.25%). Cardholders are not assessed for annual fees and the credit card is accepted and recognized worldwide. People who are mobile would love the card’s free travel insurance. Users are also protected from liability as a result of collision, theft and vandalism during the course of use of a rented vehicle. Cardholders can also take advantage of the emergency cash feature of this Simmons Bank Credit Card.

2) Simmons First Visa Platinum Rewards - With this Simmons Bank Credit Card, users can earn 1 point per every dollar spent. Cardholders can choose to redeem their points for air travel privileges that can be used in all US based airlines. This Simmons Bank Credit Card also does not have annual fees or dues and has a reasonable APR of 9.25%. Cardholders driving a rented vehicle are protected for any liability as a result of collision, theft and vandalism.
First Simmons would also provide free replacement credit card and emergency cash for this credit card.
First Simmons National Bank takes prides on its long standing policy of extending personalized and quality service to all customers and clients. To First Simmons, banking is not just about making money but connecting to individuals, and ensuring that customers not only walk away satisfied, but happy as well.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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